Chris Bumstead Hits Massive Leg Day With Christian Guzman

Chris Bumstead joined Christian Guzman for a massive leg workout day.

Chris Bumstead continues his preparation for Olympia by hitting all parts of the body in the hope of earning his fourth consecutive victory in December. Recently, Bumstead was joined by a contestant from Men’s Physique Christian Guzman for a leg workout day in Stuart, Florida.

Guzman shared the workout with his Youtube as part of a series called “Summer Shredding”. Before training, Guzman took a trip to buy more supplements and enjoyed a meal of egg whites, onions, salsa toast and coffee. From then on, the duo headed to Revive Gym in order to do a lower body workout.

Chris Bumstead and Christian Guzman Leg Workout

Warm up

  • Single Leg Extensions
  • Standard Leg Extensions
  • Hamstring Curls


  • Hack Squats
  • Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Seated Calf Raises x Hamstring Curls

Chris Bumstead and Christian Guzman started off the leg day with warm-up sets of three different variations. It all started with single leg and standard leg extensions. The duo then hit some hamstring curls to really get the blood flowing in their legs. Guzman quickly learned how Bumstead trains and said it was refreshing to see a different style.

“Of everyone I’ve trained with, Chris is calm. It’s like a very, very composed, calm, that’s what we do, tempo. Like, I haven’t heard him make any noise. It’s awesome. It’s refreshing to see. It’s not what you think and it’s coming from the fucking number one Classic Physique competitor to ever be in this world,” Guzman said of Bumstead.

After the warm-up, Bumstead and Guzman continued on hack squats. they both wore leg sleeves and Bumstead added a lifting belt during his sets. Both athletes were exerting large amounts of energy by the look of the video.

The exact number of sets and reps has not been revealed. Guzman added a final set on this machine with resistance bands. For his final set, Bumstead hit 630 pounds with seven plates per side.

“I feel like I’m having a heart attack on this machine every time,” Bumstead said.

Chris Bumstead and Christian Guzman moved to the barbell rack to then perform Bulgarian split squats. Bumstead started her sets with 150-pound dumbbells and no straps. Not only is Bumstead one of the best competitors on stage, he’s also one of the strongest. Guzman went for 90-pound dumbbells and the duo completed at least three sets.

The workout ended with a superset of seated calf raises and more hamstring curls. It is clear that both competitors were able to make the most of the stage day at first sight. For Chris Bumstead, this is part of a mass gain phase that aims to gain size in order to win the Olympia again.

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Teresa E. Burton