Calum Von Moger posts accidental injuries from hospital bed in update

Calum Von Moger presents some of his injuries received after jumping from a second story window and being hospitalized.

After quite a long period of silence, Calum Von Moger shared a video of his injuries received after jump from a second story window. The video was posted on his official Instagram and appears to have been taken from his hospital bed. The post, along with another posted to Instagram earlier today, marks her first direct online posts since April 29. Moger was the subject of great media attention after several arrests in Australia which ultimately led to his shocking accident.

On May 6, Calum Von Moger was reported to have jumped out of a second story window while under the influence of methamphetamine. He suffered numerous injuries, including lacerations from the glass and spinal damage from the fall. He was hospitalized, had spinal surgery and was in a coma for several days.

The news was a tragic and shocking turn of events after multiple troubling signs leading up to the May 6 incident. Local reports in Australia said there were two separate arrests involving road rage incidents – one of which included Moger wielding a machete. Since the accident, Moger is said to be in stable and awake condition. Today marks Moger’s first direct messages on Instagram since the accident.

You can watch the video post below:

The video, posted on Instagram, shows Calum Von Moger filming his own arms. His arms have multiple stitched lacerations and some bandaged. Moger still appears to be in the hospital bed at the time of recording.

Three hours earlier, Calum Von Moger had also published an article containing a quote that appears to be from the Bible:

“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord. “These are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and hope.”

The accident and the mental health of Calum Von Moger in bodybuilding

Calum Von Moger is a bodybuilder who has become the leading example of a new era of bodybuilding. His golden age physique and training program made him stand out for his work ethic. An early video showcasing his physique and workout methods went viral, leading to his eventual fame and continued popularity on social media. He was known as Arnold 2.0 due to his classic physique which matched the look of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In 2017, Von Moger rose to fame and notoriety after starring alongside Kai Greene, Rich Piana, Big Ramy, Flex Wheeler and Martyn Ford in Generation Iron 2.” Shortly after, Calum von Moger was cast to play a young Arnold in the biopic titled “Bigger.”

Moger took that popularity and ran with it – not only revealing an impressive physique, but also starring in his own Netflix Generation Iron-produced bio-picture titled “Calum von Moger: uninterrupted.” He then modeled for Gucci in the Fall 2019 pre-campaign. He was loved on the one hand for his classic-looking physique, and on the other hand for his influencer-style flings and interaction with fans.

It therefore became shocking to the bodybuilding community when its social channels went silent. Calum Von Moger essentially disappeared in 2022. He moved back to Australia, stopped doing bodybuilding shows and almost stopped posting online.

Following this silence, local reports came out of Australia that Moger was involved in violent road rage incidents – having been arrested twice, as noted earlier in this article. This led to an online attack from influencers and blog covers trying to “diagnose” his mental state.

Calum Von Moger finally posted an Instagram post promising that he would work on his flaws and try to improve. Unfortunately, shortly after his accident involving jumping through a second story window occurred. This accident also confirmed earlier rumors about his methamphetamine use.

In the broader mainstream conversation beyond bodybuilding, there has been a lot of talk about the dangers of social media and its influence on mental health. While it’s clear that Calum Von Moger has plenty of personal issues that we can’t begin to guess, his struggles have also been clearly seen on social media.

Although we’re not willing to speculate on what caused Moger’s recent and tragic accident. The whole situation has sparked discussions about mental health in bodybuilding and in relation to social media. Did the added strain of social media attention during a time of struggle contribute to the decline in his mental health during that time? That’s up for debate – and the bodybuilding community has discussed this at length recently.

The Recovery of Calum Von Moger

Either way, it looks like Calum Von Moger is on the mend recovery. We had previously learned that he woke up from his coma – and these posts seem to show that he is ready to start engaging with the online bodybuilding community again. The video, while painful to watch, also shows his wounds healing. His spinal injury did not permanently prevent him from walking. So for now, it looks like Moger will literally be able to get out of his crash.

Generation Iron wishes Calum Von Moger a speedy recovery and will provide further updates as they become available. It’s unclear what the future holds for Moger in direct terms regarding his bodybuilding career, but he confirmed to Generation Iron that he plans to step away from the fitness world. This may become clearer over time as it recovers on the road.

Stay tuned to the Generation Iron Fitness Network for news and updates on all things bodybuilding, fitness and strength sports.

Teresa E. Burton