Bodybuilding Legend Tom Platz Reveals His Two Compound Steroid Cycle

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Tom Platz, bodybuilding legend better known as Quadfather, explains his steroid cycle and compares it to modern diets.

Golden Era legend Tom Platz opened up about his bodybuilding steroid cycle in a new video interview published by Golden Era Bookworm. Perhaps surprisingly to some, Platz took the “very minimal” with only two compounds in his cycle. He also shares his thoughts on modern bodybuilding steroid doses and cycles.

Tom Platz is an iconic bodybuilder and a household name for any bodybuilding and fitness fan. Best known as the champion of Mr. Universe and for his insanely incredible legs, Platz had a reputation for incredible strength and consistency. Platz was a late Golden Era bodybuilder who competed well into the 1980s.

Tom Platz was not only an incredible legend in his prime – but continues to be loved to this day for his intense training sessions now as a coach. He also continued the work on himself – revealing incredible legs even at 65. His work ethic was revered like Mike O’Hearn. It is one of a kind. A true sports legend.

Due to his long list of accolades, it’s a treat when Tom Platz opens up in a brand new interview. Platz is the definition of success – so his words weigh heavily on sports fans and aspiring bodybuilders. This might be especially true in his recent interview where he talks about his steroid cycle and how it compares to the regimens that modern bodybuilders take today.

It’s no secret that the use of steroids and drugs in bodybuilding has been an extreme and controversial topic of discussion lately. There have been a number of tragic deaths in bodybuilding in recent years, including George Peterson, Cedric McMillan, Bostin Loyd and former Mr. Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden. This is just to name a few. Sadly, there have been over a dozen deaths too soon in the bodybuilding world.

Although none of these deaths were exposed as being directly related to steroids, it brought these drugs to the forefront of conversations in the industry. Many have spoken about the dangers of steroids, the massive increase in dosages for modern bodybuilders, and the effects this could have on the current generation as they age.

It is also for these reasons that the opening of Tom Platz on steroids takes on more weight. Why? Because he particularly emphasizes how little he took compared to today’s athletes. You can watch the video below:

Tom Platz claims to have only taken two steroid compounds in his entire career

Tom Platz admits that many bodybuilders today may be shocked or just plain disbelieved – but he only has two compounds in his steroid cycle. This remained true throughout his career. Platz says he only took Winstrol and Deca.

“I have to tell you though because it’s on my mind – and no one will believe me, they won’t believe me when they hear this. 20 milligrams of Winstrol (Stanozolol) a day, the little pills, the little pink pills and a shot of Deca (Nandrolone) per week, 100 milligrams It was the drug cycle of my life. That’s it. That’s all I did… I never took testosterone. I have never taken any of these designer drugs. I took the minimum. I took less than the girls would have taken but it really worked for me. It worked for me.

Tom Platz explains that he has never used “designer drugs” or testosterone. For him, the focus was on longevity. He not only wanted to succeed as a bodybuilder when he was young, but also to have a healthier future beyond his early years.

“It gave me longevity, a livelihood, to this day. I think a high dose of medication can really lead to problems like we see today.

Platz goes on to compare coachbuilders and their bodies on stage to cars at a car show. He claims his friend, Terry Wogan, told him “drugs won’t turn a Volkswagen into a Ferrari”. The idea being that drugs don’t do the main thing – perseverance and hard work (and a bit of genetics) do. This is clear in the lifestyle Platz lived. Today he is still best known for his incredible work ethic and strength.

And also just like a car – how you take care of it determines how long it will last before it has to be scrapped. Using the same analogy, the more drugs you pump into your system, the less you will ultimately get out of your life in the long run.

Tom Platz reacts to modern bodybuilding steroid cycles

Tom Platz also looked to the current generation of bodybuilding athletes and shared his thoughts on the types of steroid cycles they take. He admits that what he hears today seems to be a completely different world.

“But I see what some guys are doing now with androgens and how it affects sarcoplasm, which is a fluid substance around muscle, as you know. It’s not really marine muscle gains, it’s more water being distributed. I’ve come to respect and understand modern times – I think we’re in a pharmacological quagmire… It’s a different world.

While Platz isn’t outright condemning the current steroid cycles of bodybuilders today, it’s clear he’s overwhelmed by the difference in how it’s used. He literally calls it another world. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why Platz is still able to show incredible strength to this day. He had it all – legendary fame during his youth and a life well lived after his retirement from the stage.

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Teresa E. Burton