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Bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler recently shared an effective workout for chest and biceps. Cutler is a great bodybuilder who competed in the 1990s and 2000s. His fierce competitive rivalry with Ronnie Coleman is one of the biggest chapters in Open Pro division history. The 48 year old man dethroned Coleman in 2006 and won the Mr. Olympia crown. Cutler went on to earn a total of four Mr. Olympia victories in the years that followed.

The bodybuilding legend has maintained and even strengthened his bond with bodybuilding fans by adapting well to the age of social media. Recently, Jay Cutler had a workout for chest and biceps. The video of this session was uploaded to his YouTube channel on May 1, 2022.

Jay Cutler’s chest and biceps workout

Calf training

Standing and seated calves

Jay Cutler believes in paying special attention to weaker muscles or body parts. Therefore, he likes to incorporate calf movements into most of his workouts. He started the workout with two sets of standing calf raises on the machine.

The 49-year-old focused on contracting the muscles and completed ten to twelve reps in each set. After four sets of standing calf raises, Cutler completed the calf workout with four more sets of seated calf raises on the machine. Each set consisted of ten to twelve repetitions.

Standing calf raises are commonly thought to work the gastrocnemius muscle that sits on the outside of the back of the calf. On the other hand, seated calf raises benefit the soleus muscle which adds to the overall size and thickness of the calf. However, Cutler doesn’t necessarily believe in the idea and said:

“I don’t believe it too much… I think it’s like the incline, flat bench, decline bench and how it works with the chest. I’m not sure I agree with all of this.

chest workout

Incline press on hammer force machine

Jay Cutler started the chest strengthening workout with an incline hammer press. It’s one of his favorite chest-strengthening moves and served as a warm-up for the exercises that followed.

“Why am I doing this? Just feel it better. Especially at my age to warm up the body.

Jay Cutler started this exercise with two plates on each side. He then worked his way up to three plates in a few sets and moved on to the next one.

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Flat Dumbbell Press

Jay Cutler started the flat dumbbell press with 70-pound dumbbells and increased the weight to 80 pounds and 85 pounds in the next two sets.

“Favorite exercise! If you ask me what is the best exercise for developing your chest…it’s the bench press, right? »

While the dumbbell bench press is more popular among fitness enthusiasts, Jay Cutler said his arm was weaker than the other. Therefore, the use of dumbbells benefited him to evenly distribute the load on both arms.

Cable chest press

Jay Cutler then performed a cable chest press. Muscles remain tensed in the positive and negative phases of the repetition when performed with a cable machine, as opposed to free weights. While many people think the cable chest press is a good finisher, Cutler doesn’t think it can be a good “mass move.”

He performed three sets of cable chest presses and moved on to the next exercise.

Flat dumbbell shuttlecocks

This exercise served as the finishing touch to Jay Cutler’s chest workout. The 49-year-old performed three sets of the movement with 50-pound dumbbells and completed the chest workout.

bicep workout

Jay Cutler certainly doesn’t like training arms and devoting a separate day to them in his workout routine. Therefore, his current training division has triceps with shoulders and biceps clubbed with chest training.

Bicep curls on the machine

Jay Cutler started training with bicep curls on the machine and performed a warm-up set followed by three working sets of 10 to 12 reps to get the blood flowing to the muscles.

Standing Fat Grip EZ Bar Curls

Cutler then took another variation of bicep curls. Instead of using a regular straight bar or EZ bar, he used a thick grip EZ bar for this exercise.

“I don’t like curling with a thin bar. So that wider grip…kinda kills your ego because you have to be a little lighter with the weight,” Jay Cutler said.

He started the exercise with a plate on each side and completed the warm-up series. Cutler then did four sets of work adding a 10-pound plate. Each set consisted of 10 to 12 reps and he performed the reps with a standard technique.

Seated Cable Biceps Curl

After the free weight move, Jay Cutler then hopped on a machine exercise to work the biceps. While explaining the purpose of this move, Cutler said:

“It’s a bit more isolation… Like I mentioned, the cables, the constant voltage is good.”

Cutler performed three sets of seated cable bicep curls of 10 to 12 reps and moved on to the next one.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls

This exercise served as the finishing touch to Jay Cutler’s biceps workout. He performed the first set with 45lb dumbbells and worked his way up to 50lb for subsequent sets.

“If you’re looking to get that side…that thickness in the side of your arms, that’s a good exercise. It’ll work all the way to your forearm.

Cutler performed three sets of 10-12 reps for this exercise and completed the bicep workout.

Overall, the training consisted of:


  • Calf raises standing and sitting on the machine


  • Incline press on hammer force machine
  • Flat Dumbbell Press
  • Cable chest press
  • Flat dumbbell shuttlecocks


  • Bicep curls on the machine
  • Standing Bicep Curls with Wide Grip EZ Bar
  • Seated Cable Biceps Curl
  • hammer loops

Courtesy of Jay Cutler’s YouTube channel, you can watch the full workout video here:

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