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Retired bodybuilding legend Dorian Yates was known for his massive physique and spectacular back detail, which he developed mostly from exhaustive workout routines. In a recent video, Yates guided model/fitness influencer Mike Thurston through an intense chest and bicep workout to near failure.

“My goal here is to fail every drill we do safely,” Dorian Yates told Mike.

Dorian Yates won seven consecutive Olympic titles from 1992 to 1997. His combination of sheer size and gritty muscle detail made him one of the most imposing champions to reign in the sport. Throughout his impressive career, Dorian had a reputation for pushing the boundaries in the gym. Without a doubt, his preference for high intensity training has had a positive impact on his physique given the accolades he has achieved.

At 60, Yates still maintains a jagged build. He looks crazy many years after retiring from bodybuilding. ‘The Shadow’ has expressed his willingness to prioritize his health since stepping away from the sport.

Mike Thurston is a popular fitness model and entrepreneur. His online presence is felt around the world, with Thurston’s YouTube channel boasting over 1.29 million subscribers, in addition to his one million followers on Instagram. Thurston recently sat down with Yates for a detailed workout routine at the M13 Gym in Marbella, Spain.

Dorian Yates gives Mike Thurston advice on training chest and biceps near failure

Along with the full list of workouts, Dorian Yates provided tips throughout the workout, which you can find below.

*Sets and rehearsals were unclear based on the images provided

Decline of the bench press

During this exercise, Yates suggested using a “medium grip.” He added that depending on someone’s arm length, people use different grips to control weight more effectively.

“Some parts of the body like the back and the legs, I pre-exhaust. I do an isolation exercise first, like a pullover. For the back, the leg extensions. For the legs, I don’t have personally never found a true chest isolation exercise that really works without putting too much pressure on my shoulder.I prefer to start with a compound exercise on the chest Dorian Yates told Mike.

When doing decline bench presses, Dorian said if the arms are close together, then the triceps are overused. Conversely, if the handles are too far apart, it results in a limited range of motion.

“So you can see that my forearms are kind of parallel to each other. A lot of people take off and go from here. Bring it up so it’s in line with your sternum. So we lie down, we’re nice and tight. Go down, touch the sternum, then come back.

When asked about sparring partners, the six-time Olympia winner revealed that he has never trained without a partner because going to failure alone can be dangerous. Since lifters can get trapped under a heavy weight or barbell, Yates thinks that’s always on someone’s mind when training alone.

seated chest press machine

Yates said the machines allow lifters to get the most out of negative movements. The bodybuilding legend added that these practices help the athlete’s muscles while getting closer to failure.

“We can take that as a second exercise just because we have control over it because it’s a machine. With a machine, I can give you extra negatives. When you fail positively, you haven’t completely failed. for there will still be strength in the negative. That’s why we try to slow down every rep, just to try to tax them and bring them closer to failure.

Yates explained that some exercises require longer rest periods. He also opened up about how he has tackled his weakest body parts in training throughout his career.

“The more muscle mass involved, the greater the oxygen debt. If you’re working legs or a heavy back, you’ll need to rest longer than a torso…and the torso will take longer than biceps,” Yates says. .

“My pecs weren’t my strongest body part. My chest wasn’t the strongest part of my body. So I used super intensity techniques, while my back I would just go to failure. This is not something to overdo as it is very stressful on your nervous system.

Before the next set, Yates talked about his experiences with creatine. He said he did not notice the effects of the compound when taking steroids. Now with a clean system he felt it “right away” and said he also felt “10%” stronger.

“The negative range of motion is always stronger than the positive. Even when you’ve reached a positive failure, there’s still juice in the reservoir on that negative. That way we can exhaust it all. Positive, negative, over .

“We want to do the job. We want to send the signal. But we have to get over it. Stress, recovery, overcompensation, that’s the process. You don’t grow until you recover. said Dorian.

Neutral Grip Incline Dumbbell

Before Mike Thurston attempted his first dumbbell routine, Yates offered some words of wisdom.

“You don’t want to lock at the top. It’s more triceps. We try to keep the tension on the pecs. You will notice that you will come to a certain point and the resistance will drop.

Seated Dumbbell Concentration Curl

Dumbbell Concentration Curl

Although he’s known for his giant back, Yates admitted he’s always concerned about aesthetics. For this reason, he has always placed importance on conditioning and balanced proportions.

“The idea is to isolate the biceps. Push it to failure. And let’s say that when you go to a curl with dumbbells, there will inevitably be a little movement of the shoulders. It’ll be looser, but it won’t matter because you’ve already fried your biceps.

Standing EZ Bar Curl

Before starting final training, Dorian talks to Mike about his commitment to staying in shape in retirement.

“I do strength training to maintain my muscle mass not to try to increase it, just to keep it at a certain level. Then I do high intensity cardio intervals on the bike. Something like that. Yogo or Pilates for stretching or movement.

“Chest and biceps done. 45 minutes. Something like that. Job done.” said Dorian Yates.

The two finish the workout and Mike tells Dorian that he wants to train the legs in two weeks.

Yates continues to advocate for prioritizing retirement health. After revealing that his steroid use lasted for over 12 years, Dorian said bodybuilders push too many compounds, which turns them into “ticking time bombs”.

Yates revealed he was no longer taking steroids. However, that hasn’t stopped the legend from indulging in some recreational drugs. He has used psychedelic/hallucinogenic compounds like DMT (dimethyltryptamine) and said these experiences have helped him see life from a different perspective.

Watch the full video below:

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Although he stepped away from the sport professionally, it’s evident that Dorian Yates still possesses the knowledge that helped him become a world-class athlete. After the training session with Mike Thurston, Yates demonstrated the importance of going “close” to failure on each individual exercise.

Teresa E. Burton