Bodybuilding legend Dorian Yates trains fitness star Mike Thurston during chest and biceps workout

Dorian Yates took Mike Thurston on an insane bodybuilding workout.

legend of bodybuilding Dorian Yates is known as one of the best bodybuilders of all time. Many regard his back as the greatest spectacle the sport has ever seen. With his combination of size and conditioning, Yates won six consecutive Olympic titles. He remains extremely active in the gym and has recently trained a fitness star Mike Thurston through chest and biceps training.

Yates, 60, remained shredded through his retirement years. During his time offstage, he focused on his health in several ways. Thurston decided to train with Yates in his recent video.

Thurston is a fitness star who has built a huge following on social media. He met the bodybuilding legend at the M13 gym in Marbella, Spain for a huge workout.

Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates Shares His Wisdom While Working Out Chest And Biceps

Dorian Yates guided Mike Thurston through this workout and provided wisdom during each exercise.

  • Decline of the bench press
  • seated chest press machine
  • Neutral Grip Incline Dumbbell
  • Seated Dumbbell Concentration Curl
  • Standing EZ Bar Curl

Decline of the bench press

Dorian Yates started this workout with a medium grip bench press. He explained that he likes to start chest days with a compound exercise. It depends on which day Yates determines which exercise to use first. Yates orders Thurston to pre-exhaust certain body parts.

“Some body parts like back and legs, I pre-exhaust… I prefer to start with a compound exercise on the chest,” Yates said.

During the exercise, Yates makes sure to work his chest over his triceps. This can be done by keeping his hands in a medium grip. This handle also ensures that the range of motion is not restricted due to the handle being too far away.

seated chest press machine

The next exercise on the list is the seated chest press. Yates focuses on negative moves because those get results. Plus, it goes on to explain how different muscles react differently depending on the rest period.

“My pecs weren’t my strongest body part. My chest wasn’t the strongest part of my body. So I used super intensity techniques, while my back I would just go to failure. This is not something to overdo as it is very stressful on your nervous system.

Neutral Grip Incline Dumbbell

Mike Thurston switched to neutral incline dumbbell flights as his next exercise. Again, Yates wants to make sure all the work is placed on the chest and not the triceps.

“You don’t want to lock at the top. It’s more triceps. We try to keep the tension on the pecs. You will notice that you will come to a certain point and the resistance will drop.

Seated Dumbbell Concentration Curl

Dorian Yates moves on to an exercise meant to isolate the biceps. He was extremely conditioned during his time on stage, despite his massive size. Yates is a proponent of pushing certain exercises to failure in order to exhaust the muscle. He also remains interested in aesthetics in bodybuilding.

Standing EZ Bar Curl

The last exercise of the day was a standing EZ barbell curl. Dorian Yates was able to stay fit in retirement and does so by maintaining his routine.

“I do strength training to maintain my muscle mass not to try to increase it, just to keep it at a certain level. Then I do high intensity cardio intervals on the bike. Something like that. Yogo or Pilates for stretching or movement.

Mike Thurston ends the video by asking Dorian Yates to train with him next. In retirement, Yates pursued his passion for fitness and health. He talks about how he used steroids for over 12 years and thinks bodybuilders are now pushing too many compounds.

Yates no longer takes steroids, but has tried other recreational drugs. He begins to see life in a different way but has retained his love for the gym.

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Teresa E. Burton