“Bodybuilding is the most dangerous sport in the world”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous Golden Era bodybuilder, was respected for his balanced proportions and aesthetic physique.

When the mass monsters began dominating the Open class, Schwarzenegger issued a stark warning. He said the athletes were going too far and the sport would kill them if they continued in the same vein.

The seven-time Mr. Olympia and bodybuilding legend worries about the health of today’s Open class bodybuilders.

Fans from around the world flock to see the biggest and weirdest athletes go head-to-head on stage. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger believes competitors are putting their lives at risk by focusing too much on increasing size instead of maintaining good health.

He said in an interview via Zoom:

“Bodybuilding is the most dangerous sport in the world.”

Schwarzenegger recently expressed concern about the current state of bodybuilding, citing the deaths of fellow bodybuilders Cedric McMillan and Jerry Ward. The sport has undergone significant change in recent years, with athletes going too far, according to Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the dark side of bodybuilding

In a recent interview, Schwarzenegger shared his concerns about modern bodybuilding.

He believes that the sport has become extreme and that bodybuilders should not take excessive amounts of drugs to increase their size. Last year, he went so far as to say that bodybuilding is the most dangerous sport in the world.

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In the world of sport, there are many cases of dangerous and sometimes fatal injuries. Competitive bodybuilding is no exception.

In recent years, pressure for bodybuilders to stop adding size has become commonplace. Joe Rogan – a popular podcast host focused on mixed martial arts – agrees that Golden Era bodybuilders like Schwarzenegger look better than today’s athletes.

With more and more aspiring bodybuilders getting into the sport, one wonders if Schwarzenegger is correct in his view that the sport is becoming too dangerous.

Three-time Mr. Olympia and former Schwarzenegger training partner Samir Bannout recently said that athletes are taking too many steroids these days.

After Chris Bumstead revealed that he only rides the bike twice a year and still dominates competitions, Bannout said that Arnold Schwarzenegger, at his best, only used two compounds. In Schwarzenegger’s later years, the decorated Olympic champion said he trained 1.5 hours a day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says the most important part of his workout routine is consistency. He still enjoys many of the training methods he used during his bodybuilding career.


Bodybuilding is a sport like no other because it combines intense muscle training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility and endurance. Schwarzenegger embodies the very essence of the word. He enjoyed a successful career as an actor, businessman, and politician after his bodybuilding days.

Bodybuilding is within everyone’s reach, but in moderation. If you’re looking for an easy way to get in shape or become more athletic, there’s no better sport than weight training.

It facilitates all other sports and improves your physical condition. Bodybuilding is fun but becomes dangerous if done incorrectly

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