Bodybuilders to flex their muscles

By Morissa Lindsay

Former triple Mr. Barbados Stevenson Belle and his team at the Formula Body Tuning Center are ready to take the stage for the inaugural in-house/inter-gym bodybuilding and fitness competition taking place on Saturday, April 30 at the Wildey Gymnasium.

No stranger to flexing his muscles over the years as a competitor and exhibitionist, Belle said the idea for this bodybuilding show stemmed from the fact that many young people seem to lose interest in the sport and he thinks that would be a great way to keep them. motivated.

“We have seen that the sport has a diminishing interest with regard to young people in the neighborhood who generally come to the gym as a getaway to train and simply to improve. We found that they kind of fell through due to Covid and other situations that would have led people not to care.

“We saw a lot of people in the gym who had potential and the idea just came up to ask them if they would be interested in doing a competition and they were really excited to do it so we just started moving to get things in. place,” Belle said. Barbados TODAY.

Belle explained that the competition will start at 6 p.m. and that the atmosphere has changed in the gym since a decision was made on the show, as many participants are eager with a total of $10,000 BDS in prizes at to offer.

All medals and trophies are sponsored by Kwanza Canterbury of Elevation Construction.

The competition categories are Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Men’s Classic Physique, Women’s Physique, Women’s Bikini Fitness and Women’s Wellness Fitness.

According to Belle, there are 15 other athletes from other gyms such as Body Shapers, Body by Frank, First Fitness and Strike Force Gym. He also revealed that members of the Barbados Police Service had expressed interest.

Then there are also household names such as Ian Chase, Roderick Stuart and Sanaj Lewis who will be in action. Belle described Lewis in particular as a very promising bodybuilder. “He’s got really good quality muscle on him and we’re really trying to improve his body conditioning now,” Belle said.

(L to R) Jason Bourne, owner of Formula Body Tuning Center, Tameka Sylvester, CEO of Cougars Car Rental and Sales and One Stop Imports Limited, Stephen Walcott, owner of BOPPA’s Lawn and Boppa’s Herbs, three time Mr. Barbados Stevenson Belle , former Mr. Barbados Ramon Broomes who represented on behalf of Ashad Lovell and AA Lovell with Kwanza Canterbury of Elevation Construction. (Photo by Morissa Lindsay)

While Belle did his best not to single out too many individuals, he promised the public a great show and urged fans to come out and support the future of bodybuilding and fitness in Barbados. There will be guest setters and Belle will spearhead the roster, with multiple Mr. Barbados winner Ramon Broomes and former national champion Shaquille Lavine also in attendance.

Jason Bourne, the owner of the Formula Body Tuning Center which opened in 2019, said he was happy the competition was becoming a reality. “It’s a good feeling to see this competition made possible and it’s actually the brainchild of Stevenson Belle and his support and the energy he’s put into it so far, it gives you a overall feeling of confidence and fulfillment to be a part of something that could be life changing.

The organizers have partnered with the Barbados Powerlifting Association and weightlifting will also take place at the event. Tickets can be obtained at Sole Addiction, Body by Frank Gym, Strike Force, Nation Gym and Formula Body Tuning Center. All Covid-19 protocols will be in effect for those attending.

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Teresa E. Burton