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Bodybuilder Nick Walker recently shared a high-volume shoulder and triceps workout. After winning his Pro card at the 2020 North American Championships, the 27-year-old made his professional debut with a fourth-place finish at the 2020 Chicago Pro. He went on to win the 2021 New York Pro, earning his ticket to the 2021 Olympia. Walker won the 2021 Arnold Classic and placed fifth at the 2021 Olympia later that year. He took time off to improve his physique and opted out of defending his AC title in 2022.

A few weeks ago, The Mutant started preparing for the 2022 Mr. Olympia, and he kept bodybuilding fans updated. Along with 2019 Olympia 212 champion Kamal Elgargni, Walker worked on shoulders and triceps. Kamal intends to reclaim the title from Derek Lunsford when they meet later this year at the biggest bodybuilding show. The seventh workout of Walker’s Olympia Prep Series has been uploaded to YouTube.

Below is a breakdown of the workout.

Nick Walker’s Shoulders and Triceps Workout

shoulder workout

One-arm side cable lift

Walker started training with this move to work the head of the lateral deltoid. This movement also served as a warm-up exercise for the shoulder joint. After performing a few sets of this move with slow, controlled movements and moderate weights, Mutant jumped into heavier sets.

Seated bench press on an iso-lateral plate machine

It became the first heavy exercise in the shoulder routine. The seated shoulder press eliminates the need to stabilize the core as the back is supported against the pad. The two arms of the iso-lateral machine move independently but according to a fixed trajectory. In addition to reducing the risk of injury, the iso-lateral machine also helps eliminate strength imbalances between the two sides of the body.

The mutant went through a few heavy sets of this exercise with the progressive overload principle and moved on to the next movement.

Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise

The benefits of dumbbell lateral raises for aesthetic improvements are undeniable. Plus, they’re a powerful move to build shoulder strength independently. The Mutant made some good side raise sets.

Reverse pec fly

Walker then targeted the rear deltoids with this exercise. The rear delts are harder to activate than the front and side delts. The New Jersey native performed this exercise with a slight variation. Instead of sitting on the seat, he leaned his chest against the vertical cushion and kept his legs straight. The 27-year-old completed a few sets of the reverse bridge fly and proceeded to the finisher of his shoulder routine.

Chest Dumbbell Lateral Raise

This move served as the finishing touch to Walker’s shoulder workout. As the person performing this exercise is lying on an incline bench, the positioning causes the side and rear deltoids to work in sync. Additionally, this lateral raise variation activates the trapezius muscles. Walker performed a few sets of this exercise with slow, controlled movements to wrap up the shoulder workout.

Triceps workout

Walker thinks his arms respond best to moderate weights and high volume. He adhered to this principle for his entire weapons routine.

Tug of war

As usual, Walker started his triceps workout with rope pushes to warm up the elbow joints and arms. The elbows are a crucial joint in almost all arm movements, and it’s extremely important to warm them up so they don’t get hurt.

Dips sitting on a plate machine

Walker then took dips. He performed this exercise while seated on a plate machine with the principle of progressive overload before moving on to the next movement.

Aerial cable triceps extension

Walker performed this exercise on the cable machine and called it a day.

Walker shoulder and arm workout

Overall, the workout included:

shoulder workout

Triceps workout

Walker gave a quick update on his diet at the end of the video, revealing that his appetite has increased significantly during the offseason. However, he is losing weight day by day by changing his diet. Walker admitted he felt ‘hungry like sh#%’, but he is able to cope with it. Training with Elgargni and Brammer also helps him turn competition preparation into an exciting and fun affair.

Walker expects stiff competition from reigning Mr. Olympia champion Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay, Brandon Curry, Hunter Labrada and 2022 Texas Pro winner Andrew Jacked at Olympia 2022, scheduled for December 15-18 in Las Vegas, NV.

The intrigue surrounding Mr. Olympia grows as the event draws closer. One thing is certain, it will be a fierce battle at the top of the Open Division. Stay tuned to Fitness Volt for all Olympia 2022 updates.

You can watch the full workout video here, courtesy of Nick Walker’s staff Youtube channel:

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