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Rising Star of the Men’s Open Nick Walker is on a quest to become Mr. Olympia and will test his resolve against the best in the world in December. After showing off a quadruple pump in a recent physical update, fans are wondering if Nick Walker’s massive veins are a cause for concern.

Walker emerged as a towering threat with detailed conditioning, bizarre muscle mass and some of the biggest arms in the league. In his rookie year, “The Mutant” kicked off the season with a dominating victory at the 2021 New York Pro show.

From there, he brought his physique to the 2021 Arnold Classic contest and won hands down. However, bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger pointed out Walker’s thick varicose veins during the live stream with retired Pro Dennis James.

Schwarzenegger expressed concern and was curious as to why they were so thick.

“What’s the story with his calf veins in the front – I’ve never seen that before. Schwarzenegger said. “Yeah, but there’s definitely something going on there. veins. I would definitely have that checked out.

Walker’s veins, also called spider veins (telangiectasia), are largely genetic and common in the legs. This condition is caused by damaged walls and/or valves in the veins.

Since veins are one-way valves that open and close to bring blood to the heart, damaged or weak valves in the vein can cause backflow, resulting in swollen or large, twisted veins. Often, varicose veins are a cosmetic problem and do not require immediate medical attention.

Fans are worried about Nick Walker’s varicose veins

In a recent Instagram post, Walker showed off her legs after a quad workout. It should be noted that in the past, Walker has stated that his veins were genetic and did not cause him any problems.

“Hamstring day, but had a nice quad pump at the end.” Walker wrote Wednesday.

Along with countless compliments on his physique, some fans questioned the pronounced development of varicose veins in Walker’s calves and shins. One fan suggested that a Mr. Olympia “shouldn’t have legs like that.”

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Although his followers focus on the veins in his legs, Walker lets no noise get in the way as he prepares his body for a second Mr. Olympia appearance. He regularly shares workouts as preparations heat up for the most important bodybuilding show of the year. Earlier this month he was spotted training with fellow Men’s Open competitor Brett Wilkin.

Walker isn’t afraid to train with his rivals. He also pumped iron with Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry 2019 – the two demolished an insane shoulder workout as they continue to prepare their physiques for Mr. Olympia 2022. Curry will also return to the Olympic stage later this year .

Nick Walker at Arnold Classic 2021
Nick Walker at Arnold Classic 2021

Additionally, Walker trained alongside reigning 212 Olympia champion Derek Lunsford, who received his special invitation to compete in the Men’s Open division at Olympia this year. And Walker also caught up with former 212 Olympia Kamal Elgargni, who recently tried out the Open class. The two have become regular sparring partners since Walker’s move to Florida.

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A jury changes show to show, and it remains unclear if Walker’s varicose veins will hinder his chances of becoming Mr. Olympia. From what he has shared so far, Walker’s preparations for this year’s Olympia contest are going according to plan. While fans and even Schwarzenegger have pointed out his thick veins, Walker drowns out the noise and focuses on winning his first Sandow trophy.

Teresa E. Burton