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Men’s Open Competitor Michal Krizo has become a promising bodybuilder in the sport today. In a recent video posted on YouTube, Krizo shared what he eats in a single day to prepare for bodybuilding shows.

The Open Division is home to some of the most fearsome mass monsters in the world, and Michal Krizo is no exception. His full chest and massive biceps are some of his best qualities. Krizo made headlines after winning the 2021 Mr. Universe Pro in the IFBB Elite Pro League. He started his campaign for the Mr. Olympia 2022 in July after switching to NPC.

The Slovak native is renowned for his size and has received praise from bodybuilding veterans such as Samir Bannout, who has thrown his support behind Krizo. Bannout thinks Krizo could beat fellow up-and-comer Andrew Jacked and also win the Olympia show on his debut.

Legendary bodybuilder Jay Cutler has compared Krizo’s look to fellow icon Phil Heath, who won the Mr. Olympia title seven years in a row from 2011 to 2017. Cutler believes Krizo’s insane muscle development makes him stand out. He also commented that Krizo had the “craziest arms” and exhibited muscle fibers not seen in bodybuilding competitors today.

Michal Krizo shares his diet as he prepares for the Olympia Italy 2022 contest

In a recent video posted on his YouTube account, Krizo shared what he eats in a single day as he prepares for the Amateur Olympia Italy 2022 competition.

“Nowadays, it’s 6 big meals plus one meal is a post-workout protein shake that still has 70 grams of protein powder.

“For what I eat, the first meal of the day is always 120g of rice porridge and 75g of protein powder. The second meal consists of 10 whole eggs plus 50 g of ham. The third meal consists of 300 g of cod plus 120 g of rice porridge with 30 g of protein powder.

Then I train after the 3rd meal. Usually, 2 hours after the meal, I eat at 1 p.m. then I train at 3 p.m. I have the post workout protein shake which has 70g of protein powder. I have the next meal when I get home, the same meal as before training. So that’s 300g of cod, 120g of rice porridge and 30g of protein powder.

“The next meal is the same again just instead of the 120g of rice porridge. I eat 120g of buckwheat porridge, with 30 grams of protein powder. And the last meal, the 6th meal is either 2 quarks (low fat curd cheese) with peanut butter, usually 40g peanut butter in the 500g quark, or I have a 250g quark and protein milk flavored they sell at Lidl supermarket. There’s 35g of protein in one serving, it’s a sugar-free shake, that’s all.

Michal Krizo is looking to win his pro card at the 2022 Amateur Olympia Italy competition in October and then compete at the Prague Pro a month later.

Krizo recently shared a massive physical update where he tipped the scales at 293 pounds in preparation for the show. If Krizo earns his Pro card and wins a Pro show, he will be a threat to the rest of the Men’s Open lineup at 2022 Olympia.

You can watch the full video below.

Teresa E. Burton