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Updated: March 30, 2022 09:07

Champion: Joy Eve at the IFBB Pro League Caribbean Grand Prix

After suffering a meniscus tear in both knees and undergoing surgery eight years ago, becoming a professional bodybuilder was the last thing Joy Eve expected.

Things took root when she was hit with the fitness bug during her rehabilitation, which sparked interest in bodybuilding competition.

Eve didn’t achieve immediate success on the competitive scene, but her passion for training and sports inspired her to persevere.

Years of hard work and dedication finally paid off for the 51-year-old in the IFBB Pro League Caribbean Grand Prix pro qualifier from Bermuda at the Ruth Seaton James Auditorium this weekend, so that she won her class and overall title competing in the female figure category. .

“I’ve worked very hard for this for the past two years,” Eve said. The Royal Gazette. “I guess it took a while to come because I started training with Ross Caesar in 2014.

“I actually had knee surgery and my physical therapist suggested I get a personal trainer to help me strengthen my knee joints and stuff like that because my knees were just awful. That’s when I contacted Ross and told him what my terms were, and he was like ‘yes, I can help you’.

Joy Eve (3rd from right)

Eve, who trains at the Ultimate Fitness Club, made her competitive debut at the 30th annual Bermuda Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Night of Champions at the Fairmont Southampton in 2017.

“I don’t think I placed; probably sixth or seventh,” she added. “But I liked the feel, like the competitiveness and the atmosphere.

“I always looked up to the people who came before me like Mel (Melanie DeRosa), Candy Foggo, Sandra Simons and Renee Cann. I always looked up to those girls but never had the resources to really get into it. put until 2014 and just find the right person to train me like that or just give them a chance and see what happens.

“That’s what he’s been for the most part. You really appreciate that, so let’s see what happens, let’s see what kind of opportunities arise, and that’s where I am today.

Eve has also worked for the past few years with North Carolina-based IFBB Certified Professional Coach Donya Jackson.

Joy Eve shows off the spoils of victory at the IFBB Pro League Caribbean Grand Prix Bermuda Pro Qualifier at Ruth Seaton James Auditorium this weekend.

“I started with her just before the 2019 Caribbean Grand Prix and asked her to perform a miracle; take out his magic wand and make me transform,” she recalled.

“It didn’t work but I continued to work with her. I think a female perspective for a bodybuilder is important and it’s also important to involve your trainer in the whole process because communication is important for your progress.

“A friend of mine recommended her (Jackson) because she also used him as a coach. I called her one day and told her I needed your help. It was like a relationship in line where we passed information back and forth.

“Ross was involved in the training from time to time and she would recommend A, B and C. If he wasn’t happy with that, he would say ‘it wasn’t necessary, go back to that’, and the communication definitely had to be open both ways, so everyone was on the same page.

IFBB professional bodybuilder and multiple national champion Caesar believes Eve’s fitness journey can inspire others.

“The whole idea of ​​these tours and us, as competitors and others, is not just about earning Pro cards and becoming professionals,” he said. “It’s really to inspire people and I think Joy has a great story from where she started, the ups and downs to now and it will resonate.

“She has a very good story that can inspire a lot of women who are overweight and think there is nothing they can do about it or start and stop.”

Joy Eve (center), fitness trainer Dee Jackson and trainer Ross Caesar.

Eve headed into last weekend’s Pro Qualifier determined to improve on her previous performance on the big stage.

“I didn’t have any real expectations,” she said. “I just wanted to present a better package than the one I had before.

“With sport being as subjective as it is, I’m never sure what the judges are looking for. But I feel like I fit the standard in figure with my shape and conditioning, so I’m happy with the result.

“The line-up was okay and I basically knew everyone who was in the line. I thought the girls were great and it could have happened any way, really. But I felt like I fit the norm pretty well that day.

Eve experienced a range of emotions after being declared the overall winner in her category.

“I cried a little bit because the mission is complete at this point and you’re like ‘wow; finally this is where I am and I’ve done it,'” she added. It was a great feeling and almost a relief to be able to come to this.

“It’s more or less now that I’m going to start from scratch. But the path so far has been very difficult at times, and just being able to progress in this type of sport is not always the easiest thing.

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