Arnold Schwarzenegger explains how powerlifting helped his bodybuilding

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about his past as a powerlifter.

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently revealed how powerlifting took his bodybuilding to the next level. The iconic bodybuilder opened up about his powerlifting training in a recent monthly newsletter, giving details on how it has helped his game.

The most iconic bodybuilder in the history of gaming, Arnold Schwarzenegger, completely changed the face of sport forever. He used every tactic at his disposal to achieve bodybuilding greatness. This ability to think outside the box is what took Arnold to the top of the mountain and beyond.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the kind of competitor who used psychology to his advantage. He used mind games to psyche the opposition. This ability to push herself mentally was what allowed her to push past her physical limits. It also allowed him to train in a way that was not common for bodybuilders at the time.

In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger used powerlifting to take his game to the next level. In his monthly newsletter letter, Arnold explained how he added powerlifting to his game to complement his strength training.

“I loved to mix powerlifting with bodybuilding one day a week. It was my heavy day: I warmed up with 135, then 225, then 275, then 315, 375, then 405, then 455, then 495. From there I knew the weight I could do for 3 reps, sometimes it was 455. , sometimes more or less, it depended on the days.

Arnold Schwarzenegger then talked about his bench press routine that he would be following.

“I would do 5-8 sets of 3 reps. It was a way of getting my body used to lifting very heavy. And then I would take the weight off so it was down to 315 and do as many reps as I could and then I was done with my bench press.

The iconic bodybuilding champ has spoken candidly about how goal setting and nuanced training have helped him throughout his life. Goal setting plus failure.

“There’s a lesson in setting a goal and achieving it that has helped me throughout my life, so if you’re young, set big goals and work on a sustainable plan to achieve them.

“What you learn is simple: failure is not loss, failure is part of growth. Before I lifted 500 pounds, do you know what I was doing? I failed to lift 500 pounds, not once, not twice, but tons of times.

“One of the best lessons the gym can teach you is that failure isn’t an end, it’s a means to an end.”

Still going strong

There’s a reason Arnold Schwarzenegger is so revered. He accomplished great things but was always outspoken in his pursuits. Embracing both his successes and failures is what has taken him to such great heights. Now that the icon has turned 74, you’d think he’d be ready to slow down. On the contrary, Arnold is still going strong.

What do you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his powerlifting methods?

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