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The two-day bodybuilding extravaganza that was the Arnold Classic Europe came to a close on Saturday in Seville, Spain.

Finn Mika Sihvonen won first prize as he was the winner in the men’s open bodybuilding competition, claiming his share of the $90,000 prize pool.

Winners of the Arnold Classic Europe

  • Bodybuilding (up to 95 kg): Soepe Koese (Suriname)
  • Bodybuilding: Mika Sihvonen (Finland)
  • Male physique: Dmytro Horobets (Ukraine)
  • Classical physics: Sergey Sherechsev (Kazakhstan)
  • Female physique: Yasmina Gouaich (France)
  • Bodyfitness: Alina Yaman (Ukraine)
  • Women’s Fitness: Eszter Balogh (Hungary)
  • Well-being: Fernanda Pignation (Brazil)

The absence of reigning bodybuilding champion Michal Krizanek has opened the field a bit this year. Sihvonen, who was vice-champion of the Slovak last year and in 2020went to Spain as clear favorite and more than lives up to the hype.

Sihvonen might have preferred to beat Krizanek en route to the title, but that’s unlikely to take the fun out of it.

In the male physique, Dmytro Horobets once again reigned supreme and continued his dominance in the category. Thierry Bayala had to settle for second place after finishing second behind Horobets in 2020 and 2021.

It was the same story in classic physics, with Sergey Sherechsev successfully defending his 2021 title and Jakub Kolinek settling for second place.

Yasmina Gouaich continued the trend of the feminine physique. The 2021 winner edged out Aline Beck to stand tall in the four-woman field.

Soepe Koese provided perhaps the biggest upset with his victory in the 95kg and under bodybuilding competition.

Suriname Highlights @Highlightsofsu

Soepe Koese wins the Arnold Classic Europe 2022🇸🇷🔥

The Suriname native edged out Venancio Bento Epolua and Pedro Esteves. Jirí Cermak, the 2021 winner, was bottom in 11th when all was said and done.

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