Anfisa shows off new nose from $6,000 plastic surgery in Turkey

Anfisa Arkhipchenko reveals the results of her latest plastic surgery on Instagram. The Russian 90 Day Fiancé star got her third nose in Turkey.

Russian 90 day fiance Star Anfisa Arkhipchenko revealed the results of her third nose job on Instagram as she told fans why she decided to have surgery in Turkey this time. She first appeared on television in 90 day fiance season 4. Due to her blunt statements about how she loved Jorge Nava’s money more than him, she became the franchise’s most infamous gold digger. But as soon as Anfisa’s ex-husband Jorge was arrested and sentenced to two and a half years in prison, opinions about him began to change. She began attending college, participating in bodybuilding completions, and quitting reality television. Not only that, but Anfisa has also undergone a physical transformation because of her weight loss and surgeries.


Anfisa admitted to filling the void she felt after Jorge was sentenced for bodybuilding. She lost 26 pounds and became a certified personal trainer. Fans started getting to know her better through her Instagram. There, Anfisa often shared unknown secrets about herself while trying to quash any rumors that might have existed on the internet. She went into detail about her plastic surgery journey. She was open to getting more than Botox. She had also received 400 cc breast implants when she was in Russia. Anfisa’s nose job was her first plastic surgery seven years ago at home. She had to fix her breathing because of her deviated septum and felt her nose was too big.

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Anfisa, originally from Moscow, recently traveled to Turkey to undergo another rhinoplasty. She posted several photos of her new nose on Instagram, although it is still covered with a bandage. Anfisa revealed that it was her third nose job, as the second was in the United States five years ago when she wanted to change her nose”aesthetically.“Although Anfisa’s nose looked better, it wasn’t to the extent that she wanted it to be. Doctors in California, where she is currently staying, weren’t providing the styles Anfisa wanted in addition to listing prices above $20,000. She chose Turkey because she felt the doctors there were more experienced. Anfisa got her new nose for $6,000, thanks to reasonable prices in Turkey.

Anfisa, a business administration student, shared how great her experience was because the hospital in Istanbul was brand new and the staff was very attentive. She is happy with the results so far. However, “Revision rhinoplasty takes a while to heal and it can take over a year to see the final result,” she added. It is for this reason that Anfisa refused to share the contact details of her doctor. She tried to explain how plastic surgery is not a “need“for her but rather”want to.“She understands that plastic surgery is about getting better, but asked her followers to”weigh the pros and cons and not blindly follow trendsbefore doing anything.

Although she is honest about her life on Instagram, the former 90 day fiance The Anfisa star always knows how to keep important information private. While Jorge has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Rhoda Blua, for two years and has had two babies so far, Anfisa’s love life is a mystery to his followers. But that hasn’t stopped his popularity from skyrocketing as social media is now his main source of income. 90 day fiance fans love and appreciate how far Anfisa has come since her red makeup bag days as she continues to be appreciated for her tasteful makeover and gym flexes.

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