Amateur bodybuilder is beaten by the breakfast challenge

An amateur bodybuilder attempted to set a new time record for Oxfordshire’s biggest breakfast challenge but failed to finish the meal.

Andy Dalglish, an amateur bodybuilder from Aylesbury, came to Bicester Bean and Coffee Shop to try their breakfast.

The challenge consists of five of each breakfast item; sausages, bacon strips, black pudding, fried eggs, hash browns, pieces of toast, a bowl of beans and lots of tomatoes and mushrooms.

Around 20 minutes, Mr. Dalglish, a professional safeguard agent, had to throw in the towel.

He said: “The challenge was harder than I thought.

“Usually I would have knocked it out of the park. But I’m 10 weeks away from the competition. I’ve only been eating 1200 calories a day for three months.

“My stomach shrunk a lot and I had to leave a few lumps this time.

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The hardest part was the black puddings because unless they’re hot they turn into crumbly cakes.

“The sausages were easy. The hash browns were easy. The bread is more or less all gone. The beans seemed endless, the mushrooms deceiving.

“My strategy was to eat my least favorite stuff first, to eliminate them.”

Mr Dalglish decided to take up the challenge after reading an earlier Bicester Advertiser article about Europe’s number one food contender, Leah Shutkever.

Miss Shutkever currently holds the breakfast challenge record, having completed it in eight minutes and two seconds.

This story was written by Matthew Norman, he joined the team in 2022 as a Facebook community reporter.

Matthew covers Bicester and focuses on researching stories from various communities.

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Teresa E. Burton