5 Possible Finishes for Madcap Moss vs. Theory on WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns Attacks, Former World Champion Interference, and More

Theory is expected to compete on the next edition of WWE SmackDown. The WWE RAW Superstar doesn’t often appear on the blue brand. However, since he holds the Money in the Bank briefcase, he can show up at any time to tease a possible cash-out.

The young superstar has picked up a lot of speed lately. He had a run with the WWE United States Championship and then won the Money in the Bank contract for a guaranteed title match in the future.

Theory’s opponent on SmackDown is another rising superstar who has been gaining momentum, Madcap Moss. The match was booked due to a backstage confrontation between the two on last week’s show.

What happens when two up-and-coming stars go head-to-head? Both superstars no doubt need to win to keep their momentum going, so the outcome of this fight is potentially very intriguing. Who will win and how?

Below are five possible finishes for Madcap Moss vs. Theory on WWE SmackDown.

#5. The theory could get disqualified

Mr. Money in the bank
Mr. Money in the bank

The fight between Theory and Madcap Moss may not have a particularly satisfying ending. Since this upcoming match will air on free-to-air TV without much buildup, WWE may decide that neither should take a proper loss.

The potential choice is understandable. Theory and Moss are currently pushed to the top of the map. Neither should necessarily lose, especially in a relatively cold fight.

The company could go for a double count or have Theory walk away. But a better approach might be for Theory to get disqualified. Madcap said he wanted to put the whole briefcase in Theory’s mouth on SmackDown last week. It would make sense for the case to come into play.

If Mr. Money in the Bank uses his briefcase as a weapon, it could do three key things. It would benefit the short story they told last week, save the two from losing cleanly in the middle, and establish the briefcase as a weapon for future use. The finish might not be ideal, but it might be the logical choice.

#4. Dolph Ziggler could cost Theory the game

On the last edition of Monday Night RAW, Dolph Ziggler returned to WWE programming. The former world champion has only appeared a few times since WrestleMania.

In fact, he’s only had two televised matches since the big event. The first fight was an NXT Championship match against Bron Breakker, then he was in a battle royal.

His lack of screen time may be why many were surprised to see him come out in RAW’s main event. He sat quietly at ringside and watched Riddle and Bobby Lashley team up against Theory and Seth Rollins. When Theory tried to cheat his way to victory, Ziggler stopped the young star and gave him a super kick after the match.

For now, the reasons for Ziggler’s actions are not yet known. Still, if he made an impact on RAW, there’s a chance he could do the same on SmackDown. Chances are Dolph Ziggler will show up during this fight and cost Theory the win. This may be done to prevent Theory from cheating or for some other as yet unresolved reason.

#3. Theory Could Potentially Defeat WWE SmackDown Star

Theory on scales
Theory on scales

The theory has had a unique push lately. He progresses through the map while competing and interacting with bigger names. Despite this, he lost a decent number of matches.

Take WWE Money in the Bank as an example. Theory won the Money in the Bank briefcase in the main event. Earlier in the night, however, he lost his US title to Bobby Lashley. Then on this week’s WWE Monday Night RAW, he lost again.

If the plan is to push Theory to the top of the map, he needs to earn some kills. Although Madcap isn’t a star yet, a win here for Theory would still help his credibility. He doesn’t have to beat Moss cleanly, but Theory picking up a win may be wise.

#2. Madcap Moss could pick up a clean win

Madcap Moss has a lot of potential. When it comes to physique and general appearance, few compare to Moss in modern professional wrestling. He’s also a fantastic athlete who is incredibly explosive in the ring.

WWE sees big things in him. Moss had a long term feud with Happy Corbin. In the end, he had three major matches against Corbin and won it all. He was also included in that year’s Men’s Money in the Bank match.

If the company wants to maintain its momentum, it may very well have Moss’ Theory of Athletic Defeat. It could be argued that since Theory is Mr. Money in the Bank, he can lose without it hurting him. A victory for Madcap could help him continue his push.

#1. Roman Reigns could attack Theory for his taunts

Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman
Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns is not the star a young wrestler wants to play with. The Tribal Chief is the undisputed WWE Universal Champion, and he held the Universal Title for a record number of days.

Despite this, Theory decided to push the bear. On last week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Roman Reigns, The Usos and Paul Heyman were in the ring to discuss their plans to destroy Brock Lesnar.

Midway through their promo, Theory came out with his Money in the Bank briefcase, essentially jumping around the ring. He wanted to remind Roman that he can cash out at any time.

Theory has had success during his tenure thus far in World Wrestling Entertainment. His smug attitude may, in part, be what led him to success. Still, the tribal leader probably didn’t appreciate Theory’s taunts.

As a result, Reigns could come out during Theory’s fight against Madcap and devastate the young star. Roman is the type to send a message Theory can understand.

Will Theory come away with a victory on the latest edition of WWE SmackDown? Will Madcap Moss silence the young star as promised? Several intriguing finishes are possible with this upcoming fight. Luckily, fans won’t have to wait long to find out how it will play out.

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