5 Best Partners In Lex Luger’s Career (& 5 Worst)

Thanks to the recent special on A&E chronicling his career, we were reminded just how integral Lex Luger was to wrestling in the 80s and 90s. Possessing one of the most impressive physiques in sports history, Luger had several great moments throughout his run.

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Lex was primarily a singles wrestler for the majority of his career through WWE and WCW, but he competed in tag team competitions, on a semi-frequent basis. Some of his partnerships were more notable than others, and some are certainly more successful than others. Here are the 5 best tag partners of Lex Luger’s career, and the 5 worst.


ten Worse – The Demon

The Demon was an ill-conceived character from the later days of WCW. The character was spawned by a strange and ultimately disappointing association with rock band KISS. It was during a rare house show that Lex Luger teamed with The Demon in a tag match.

The two would face off against The Great Muta and Vampiro in which Lex should have come out like a sore thumb. On paper and in execution, Lex Luger and The Demon are just a bad couple.

9 Best – Diamond Dallas Page

Although DDP and Lex were never a regular tag team, they were compatriots in the WCW vs. NWO war of the late 90s. Page and Luger were two of WCW’s biggest stars during the Monday Night Wars era. , and they often found themselves on the front line, side by side.

One of their most notable matches came on the last show of Clash Of The Champions, when they faced Scott Hall and Randy Savage. Lex and DDP would come out the losers in their Clash match, but they were nothing short of a formidable tag team.

8 Worst – Mr. Hughes

Curtis Hughes was a menacing and intimidating presence, who never seemed to reach his full potential. In the early 90s, WCW was in some turmoil under the leadership of Jim Herd. Lex Luger was awarded the WCW Championship after Ric Flair’s hasty exit in 1991.

For a short time, Lex had been paired with Hughes, and the two would have matches together as a tag team. It was a short-lived experience, and Luger and Hughes would go their separate ways after a short time.

seven Best – Buff Bagwell

Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell were friends outside the ring, which probably explains their chemistry inside the ring. In the late 90s, the two would form the team Totally Buff.

Both Buff and Lex were physical specimens, which made them a natural tandem, especially from a visual standpoint. The two would enjoy decent success and certainly made an entertaining duo. As far as Luger’s tag partners go, Buff was among the best.

6 The Worst – El Gigante

It may seem like the wrestling industry hasn’t been very kind to El Gigante/Giant Gonzales. The truth is, El Gigante was simply way over his head in the wrestling business and taken advantage of for his size. Although El Gigante was only in WCW for a cup of coffee, he mingled with some of the biggest stars in the business at the time.

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It was an isolated occasion, but Lex and El Gigante ended up on the same side of the ring in an 8-man match at one point. It’s largely forgotten, but the real Jorge Gonzales is unfortunately on Lex’s list of worst partners ever.

5 Best – The Four Horsemen

Some young fans may not know that Lex Luger was a member of the Four Horsemen during some of their peak years. Luger was the 4th horseman in the first two games of the WarGames and has competed alongside Tully, Ric and Arn on numerous occasions. You can choose who Luger had the most chemistry with, out of the three, but this was Luger’s first serious break and his first push into the business.

Lex’s association with the Horsemen was integral to his career, as it would lead to him going babyface and working a series of matches with Ric Flair. Needless to say, the Four Horsemen as a whole are one of Luger’s best allies in his career.

4 Worst – Falcon

Lex Luger and Hawk would only team up once as far as we know, but it was enough to prove why it wasn’t a great combination. It was at Slamboree event in 1996, as part of the deadly lottery concept, that Hawk and Luger were matched up by “random”.

The two would face Hawk’s regular partner Animal and Booker T, in what was an odd match, to say the least. The match would end in a no finish due to excessive brawling. Hawk is not only one of the worst choices for Luger’s partner in his career, but also one of the most forgettable.

3 Best – The Giant

Like DDP, The Giant helped lead the charge against the NWO in the late 90s. The difference is that The Giant and Lex would be a more regular team. In fact, Luger and The Giant would actually capture The Outsiders’ WCW Tag Titles at some point.

Luger and The Giant were the perfect combination of power and size, and both were massively overwhelmed. The Giant is unquestionably one of Lex Luger’s best tag partners of his career.

2 Worst – British Bulldog

On paper, The British Bulldog and Lex Luger would seem like a natural team. In 1995 Lex and Davey Boy would be paired as The Allied Powers. The top of their team would be their openness Wrestle Mania 11 against Ron and Don Harris.

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The Allied Powers were never given the tag titles, as Lex fled to WCW in an infamous move in the fall of 1995. While Bulldog and Luger were top talent in their time, they ultimately only constituted not a great team.

1 Best – sting

There could only be one choice for Lex Luger’s best partner ever, and that would be one of his closest friends, Sting. Upon entering WCW, or what was Crockett Promotions at the time, Sting and Luger hit it off instantly. They of course shared a love of bodybuilding and would actually open a gym together in the Atlanta area.

Their chemistry would also translate to the ring together and the two would win gold together as a team. One of their most memorable moments would be when they took on the Steiner brothers at Super Brawl 2in a match that is still highly regarded to this day.

Teresa E. Burton