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The 2022 Puerto Rico Pro, a qualifier for Olympia, was held June 17-19, 2022 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Competitors of Men’s Open, Men’s 212 Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Women’s Physique, and Wellness divisions took the stage to earn the invitation to compete at Mr. Olympia in December.

The 2022 bodybuilding season is underway with athletes from around the world coming together, showcasing their physiques, in hopes of securing a coveted invite to Mr. Olympia this winter. Olympia 2022 will take place December 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV. Find below the list of all the winning athletes:

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2022 Puerto Rico Pro Winners

  • Open Men: Coming soon!
  • Bodybuilding 212 men: Oswaldo Gonzalez
  • Classical Physics: Emanuele Ricotti
  • Male physique: Coming soon!
  • Female bodybuilding: Reshanna Boswell
  • Aptitude: Coming soon!
  • Figure: Coming soon!
  • Bikini: Coming soon!
  • Women’s physique: Claudia Gabriela de León Pardo
  • The well-being: Coming soon!

Puerto Rico Pro 2022 Results

Bodybuilding Open Men

Bodybuilding 212 for men

Prior to the event, Bo Lewis stood out to win the show, especially given his rapid rise to the top of the 212 division. He picked up arguably the most important win of his career at the 2020 New York Pro. Following his success, he attempted 2020 Mr. Olympia, a show that saw the consistent bodybuilder take ninth place respectively. Lewis competed in the 2021 Tampa Pro in his final event, placing third.

In addition to Lewis, many fans had a keen eye on Oswaldo Gonzalez. Gonzalez got a lot of attention in the 212 Division last year. He kicked off his season with a seventh-place finish at the 2021 New York Pro. Gonzalez proved his conditioning could hold up with top talent and went on to take fifth at the 2021 Chicago Pro. Before taking time off to improve his physique , Oswaldo ranked ninth at the Tampa Pro about a month after his appearance in Chicago. At the end of the battle on stage, it was Oswaldo González who took first place, earning his invite to the 2022 Olympia.

  • Winner — Oswaldo Gonzelez
  • Second Place – Bo Lewis
  • Third place — Emmanuel Rodriguez
  • Fourth place – Abdullah Alsai
  • Fifth Place—Ryan Walters
  • Sixth place — Fernando Noronha de Almeida
  • Seventh place — Filepe Fierro Lobos
  • Eighth place — Joan Canngieter
  • Ninth place — Rachid Souki
  • Tenth Place—James Ortiz

classical physics

Carlos Dommar entered this weekend with momentum. Dommar stood out last year after securing fifth place at the 2021 Tampa Pro. He already showed a lot of progress in May after storming the stage at the 2022 Optimum Classic Pro, where he won the first place.

Another bodybuilder that fans circled as an obvious favorite was Emanuele Ricotti. He broke away from prejudice and made his stage routine effortless. At the end, Emmanuelle RicottiThe aesthetic construction of overwhelmed its competitors, winning first place and clinching its ticket to Olympia 2022.

  • Winner — Emanuele Ricotti
  • Second place — Carlos Dommar
  • Third Place—Kelvin Hinde
  • Fourth place — Camilo Diaz
  • Fifth place — Ruben Stouth
  • Sixth place — Luis Colin
  • Seventh Place – Miguel G. Sanchez Lopez
  • Eighth place — Giovanni Randazzo
  • Ninth place — Carlos S. Marchand
  • Tenth Place – Stephen Thames

male physique

female bodybuilding

Julia Föry had a chip on her shoulder after her last performance nearly made it to the podium, when she secured fourth place at the 2021 Tampa Pro. She was tasked with going onstage to fight Reshanna Boswell, who already achieved a busy 2021 season.

Boswell started last year in style by winning the title at the 2021 Lenda Murray Savannah Pro. That same year, Boswell also brought his talents to the Rising Phoenix Arizona Pro, a performance that earned him 10th place. Before calling it a year, the female bodybuilding competitor entered Olympia 2021 and found herself in 15th place. Knowing she needed to make improvements, Boswell didn’t cave under the pressure. In a fierce contest, Reshanna Boswell came away with gold this weekend in Puerto Rico, earning her an invitation to the 2022 Olympia.

  • Winner—Reshanna Boswell
  • Second place — Julia Föry
  • Third place — Erika Danková




Women’s physique

Before the contest, Claudia Gabriela de León Pardo impressed during the pre-judging. She has a wealth of experience as a Pro. The Women’s Physique star has steadily risen to prominence since her 2018 season. While she made some obvious improvements to her physique, she ended up in 14th place at the 2018 Arnold Classic.

In Claudia’s path is Ann Gruber, an active IFBB Pro keen to secure her ticket to Olympia 2022. She had an impressive season last year, which saw her compete in this event in 2021, where she obtained fifth place at the Puerto Rico Pro. Keeping busy, she made it to the 2021 Atlantic Coast Pro, securing eighth place. On the same day, she placed second at the Atlantic Coast Pro in the Masters Over 40 category. After a heated contest, Claudia Gabriela de Leon Pardo won the show and earned her qualification to compete at 2022 Olympia.

  • Winner – Claudia Gabriela de León Pardo
  • Second place — Ann Gruber
  • Third Place—Takeela Reddrick
  • Fourth Place — Marysel Cruz
  • Fifth place — Marianne von Gierke Barassi
  • Sixth place — Tamara Gourley

The well-being

Puerto Rico Pro 2022 Dashboards

The anticipation for the biggest show of the year continues to grow. Fitness Volt would like to congratulate all of the winners for their major wins at Puerto Rico Pro 2022!

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