10 Physically Strongest Current WWE Wrestlers, Ranked

Professional wrestling is a physically demanding sport, and only those with the right determination and physical condition can think of making a career out of it. Besides technical skills in the ring, another trait that makes a wrestler the ideal candidate for the company is their strength. Over the years, we’ve seen countless wrestlers who have built careers solely on their unparalleled strength and gone on to achieve great things.

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Similar wrestlers can be found in the stream WWE also, who have made a name for themselves with their powerful wrestling style. With that said, let’s take a look at ten of the strongest wrestlers on WWE’s current roster.


ten Bron Breaker

Current NXT Champion Bron Breakker, currently in his second reign with the title, is undeniably one of the strongest wrestlers on WWE’s current roster. The son of legendary WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner, Bron Breakker did justice to his father’s legacy by also adopting the same style of wrestling in his career.

Breakker has dominated his opponents in his matches and can attribute most of his career success to his incredible physique and unparalleled power. He has a dominant run in NXT so far, and can continue with the same momentum once he makes his way to the main roster.

9 Gunther

Current WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther has the unique combination of an exhilarating character, insane strength and, with his recent transformation, an excellent physique as well.

He introduced the WWE Universe to his dominant style of wrestling during his time in NXT UK, under his original name WALTER. He brutalizes his opponents with his highly offensive moves, especially the merciless chops he delivers to his opponents, which almost rips the skin off their chests. He’s been doing well on the main roster so far, and we can expect big things from the Intercontinental Champion in the coming days.

8 Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley is entirely different from other wrestlers in the WWE Women’s Division. She didn’t look the same when she made her WWE debut at the first Mae Young Classic, but surprised fans with an incredible transformation showing off a more ripped physique.

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She is clearly one of the strongest female wrestlers on the WWE roster and is visibly taller than most male wrestlers. It has rewarded her well so far, as she is a former NXT & NXT UK Women’s Champion, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion and Raw Women’s Champion.

seven Bianca Belair

Before making her professional wrestling debut with WWE, Bianca Belair was a CrossFit competitor and powerlifter, which required her to always stay in the best shape possible.

Similar to Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair also relies on her power to come out on top in most of her matches. We’ve seen Belair dominate her opponents and regularly lift them over their shoulders, and have also shown her immense strength by lifting superstars like Otis and Doudrop and proving she’s the strongest in WWE.

6 Roman reigns

Roman Reigns doesn’t get enough credit for the immense strength he has shown in his matches over the years. The tribal leader made his way to WWE’s main roster as a powerhouse for The Shield, and his previous experience as a defensive tackle during his football career has allowed him to get through opponents more easily.

He packs tons of power behind every move he delivers and has shown his unrivaled strength on multiple occasions. He also used the break he got during the pandemic to get into the best shape of his career, and the tribal leader reaped the reward with his historic run for the world title.

5 Omos

Omos is the recent addition to the roster of giants in WWE history, as the 7ft 3ft monster has dominated his competition since making his main roster debut as an enforcer and partner of the AJ Styles team.

He had everything Vince McMahon loves in a wrestler and was immediately rewarded with a Tag Team Championship with Styles. He proved he could hang on to the big guns with his feud against former mentor AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley. With MVP as their manager, we can expect Omos to make a name for themselves as a singles star in the coming days.

4 Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre looked no different than any regular WWE Superstar during his first run with WWE, which ended in his release after having to work as part of the 3MB comedy faction alongside Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater. However, he reinvented himself in the Indies and during his time in Impact Wrestling and found himself in the best shape of his life, which once again opened the doors to WWE for him.

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This time, he changed his approach to a more powerful style of wrestling, which saw him go through his competition, earning him two WWE Championships.

3 Big

Former WWE Champion Big E is known for the immense strength he has shown throughout his in-ring career. He had a successful career in powerlifting before moving into professional wrestling, and his records include a 711-pound squat, a 529-pound bench press, and a 799-pound deadlift.

Fans have witnessed Big E’s various acts of strength over the years, and it only led him to success as he became 2 times Intercontinental, 8 times Tag Team, 1 time NXT and 1 time WWE Champion. . in his career so far.

2 Bobby Lashley

Those who follow Bobby Lashley’s career over the years will have no doubt that he is one of the strongest wrestlers in the entire industry. His incredible physique is his best trait, and he has always made sure to stay in top shape at all costs. He looked even better than before when he made his WWE return in 2018.

There are only a few wrestlers in the history of the company who can duplicate Bobby Lashley’s exploits, and that’s a very slim list too. He never changed his approach when it came to his in-ring style but continued to add more power to him in his current run in WWE which led to him becoming a two-man WWE Champion. occasions.

1 Brock Lesnar

The mere presence of The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar is enough to make even the most powerful wrestlers feel insecure about their abilities and looks. Such is the power Lesnar puts out every time he steps into a ring, and despite the passing years, the former WWE Champion shows no signs of slowing down.

The Beast Incarnate’s acts of might are no secret to the WWE Universe, as they are used to seeing Lesnar decimate their competition with his unmatchable power over the years, whether in professional wrestling or MMA. Lesnar is 45 at the time of this writing and performing on par with many young wrestlers today. There’s a reason he’s in the position he’s in today, and unless he decides to call it a day after his SummerSlam 2022 loss, no one takes first place from him.

Teresa E. Burton