10 Forgotten Wrestlers Involved In Bad TNA Stories: Where Are They Now?

11 So Bad It’s Good is often used to describe the goofy aspects of professional wrestling, real family drama scenarios to a bizarre in-ring promo. Throughout its run, TNA, now known as Impact wrestling, pushed the boundaries of the sentence. From Abyssamania to Claire Lynch, Impact Wrestling television has produced horrific storylines.

While talented workers like Abyss and AJ Styles have the skills, charisma, and fan support to move on from a bad story, not everyone on the roster may be so lucky. Unfortunately, more than a few wrestlers in TNA history have had such bad runs that the company has no choice but to go their separate ways in short order. While some of these artists are still in the industry today, others have left to pursue other interests or have retired altogether.

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ten Orlando Jordan struggles in Australia

From the early 2000s to 2010, Orlando Jordan was a staple of wrestling TV, boasting a championship resume and a win over John Cena. He appeared on Raw, Smackdown and a brief stint on Impact. During Impact, Jordan, who was bisexual, was given a ridiculous bisexual stalker gimmick that didn’t age well and was thrown into a feud with TNA World Champion Rob Terry. The story was not well received, and since Jordan was already considered a somewhat failed act, he left the company shortly after the feud ended.

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These days, Jordan is semi-retired working with Australia-based All-Star Wrestling. J


Welsh wrestler Rob Terry has been branded a big star for society, but fans have never supported his work in the ring. Despite lacking that fan connection, the company made him one of three TNA Global Champions in the brand’s history, holding the title for most of its existence. Although he received a push, the World Championship was never a big deal, and his feud with Magnus made fans even less interested.

Terry is now on social media after his wrestling career failed. He’s rebounded now, though, with nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter alone. Additionally, he produces content on health, wellness, and bodybuilding, always building on his impressive physique.

8 Garett Bischoff competes on the independent wrestling circuit

One of the fastest ways to succeed in professional wrestling is to come from a family of wrestlers. Some of the best names in the industry are 2nd or even 3rd generation artists carrying on their family’s legacy. More than a few legacy wrestlers have competed on Impact, but none have had a more forgettable run and worse storyline than Garret Bischoff.

Bischoff led the resistance against his father and the immortal faction of Hulk Hogan in a disconcerting bit of lousy reserve. Bischoff left Impact in 2015 and pursued a career in independent wrestling, although rumors abound that he and the Ace’s and Eights faction could return to television in 2022.

seven Wes Brisco competes on the independent wrestling circuit

Wes Brisco is a 2nd generation superstar who was a staple on Impact television from 2012 to 2014. Unfortunately, Brisco’s most memorable storyline was also one of the worst in the promotion’s history.

Brisco was a member of the Aces and Eights faction, another attempt by the company to recreate the NWO years after it had fallen into disuse. Consequently, the Aces and Eights storyline was looked down upon by fans at the time, and after Brisco left the company and was unable to sign with another major brand.

6 Judas Mesias found success in Lucha Underground, MLW and more

Wrestler Judas Mesias was involved in one of TNA’s must storylines, a blatant attempt to create the iconic Undertaker and Brother Kane dichotomy using one of their most notorious monsters in Abyss. Unfortunately, the story would be a tough sell to fans who could see what the promotion was trying, and an unfortunate injury stalled his momentum and flattened the Abyss feud.

The performer behind the character of Mesias is Puerto Rican wrestler Gilbert Cosme Ramírez. Although his time on Impact is forgettable, he is still a wrestler and has found a ton of success and popularity in Lucha Underground, MLW and CMLL as King or Mil Muertes depending on the promotion.

5 Rellik became a banker

Rellik, played by John Hugger, is one of the most visually interesting wrestlers to ever compete on Impact. Debuting in 2007, he made an immediate impact, but the gimmick was likely doomed from the start as he was placed on the horrific Black Reign and James Mitchell team to feud with Abyss.

While the character was featured in the Impact Zone throughout his brief run, Rellik’s lack of character warmth left him forgotten despite looking great. Instead, Hugger has officially taken off his mask and lives a private life away from the ring, working as a banker.

4 Matt Morgan is Mayor of Florida

Matt Morgan felt like one of the few performers in TNA history who would never be forgotten due to his size and longevity. He was also part of a few more exciting stories despite several bad feuds. Unfortunately, while some fans still follow The Blueprint, its presence has faded in the industry.

Instead of fighting in the wrestling ring, Matt Morgan fought for voters as a politician and current mayor of Longwood, Florida. Morgan also appeared on American Gladiators and continues to compete as a bodybuilder in addition to his duties as mayor.

3 Rosie Lottalove is now a model and actress

Wrestler and actress Rosie Lottalove, now known as Sage Beckett, was only briefly on Impact and only had one feud for the promotion. The feud was tired, featuring a bigger performer taking on the stereotypical “pretty” performers, in this case, the Beautiful People. The brief run felt so much like a story that has played out countless times that it was easy to forget Lottalove.

The former Knockout not only got her name changed, but also underwent a total body transformation. Sage recently competed for WWE as a member of the NXT roster, but has since been moved from the professional wrestling industry entirely. Instead, her social media bio highlights her acting and modeling career.

2 Salinas went to the theater

When Salinas made her TNA Impact debut as a masked aggressor, she was instantly thrown into what should have been a major storyline. She teamed up with veteran artists in Homicide and Hernandez in the LAX team. Unfortunately, her role in the LAX storyline was to enhance the talent of other women. The 2008 Queen of the Cage match at Lockdown was an exceptionally lousy gimmick that effectively ended Salinas’ run with the company.

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Besides acting and starring in films, Salinas was involved in independent wrestling. However, she announced her retirement from wrestling in 2017 to focus on other acting opportunities.

1 Sylvain Grenier is a producer for WWE

Sylvain Grenier is best known for his time with WWE, which lasted from 2001 to 2007. However, the former tag team champion appeared for a year on Impact as a French commentator. He even had a match in his native Canada against former French-language color commentator PCO, which was a lousy story and entirely forgettable.

When Grenier finally retired from wrestling, he continued to work in production, most notably with WWE. His work includes producing wrestling shows for WWE and a few other television series in his native Canada.

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