Testosterone Cypionate: The Full Review of this Steroid

Introduction to Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is a prescription medication that was initially made for the treatment of hypogonadism and andropause. Hypogonadism is a severe medical condition characterized by a drop in the male sex hormone testosterone resulting in a wide variety of unpleasant side effects. Testosterone is believed to be one of the most essential hormones in a man’s life. This is the hormone responsible for sex drive, fertility, muscle growth among many other functions. Therefore, a drop in the hormone leaves a man with a serious loophole in most tasks masculine. We are talking a loss in muscles and an insane increase in body fat, a complete lack of interest in all matters sex among many other unpleasant effects. Hell, getting an erection alone could even become impossible.

So, yes, testosterone in an essential hormone in men. Sadly, the amounts of testosterone produced by the body start to drop as a man gets into their late 30s. To avoid all the effects of low testosterone, most men usually end up using different kinds of compounds and other supplements to spike an increase in the hormone. Testosterone Cypionate is one such compound.

Testosterone Cypionate is an effective anabolic steroid capable of increasing the levels of testosterone in the body. The steroid has also been formulated to work in a way that creates an anabolic atmosphere in your body, and this is very good for muscle growth. It’s due to such properties that the compound became really popular in the fitness industry. Bodybuilders have used testosterone Cypionate to gain muscle mass and cut on body fat within a short time.

But then, as you may know, anabolic steroids remain illegal in the US and in most other countries across the world. Unless you have a prescription from a certified physician, you won’t be able to get this steroid over the counter. This doesn’t mean that they are not accessible. Testosterone Cypionate and a majority of other illegal anabolic steroids are still available in the black market. If you are planning on taking that dangerous path, it’s only fair that you learn everything you needed to know about the steroid. And this is precisely why we prepared this informative piece for you.

What is Testosterone Cypionate?

In simple terms, Testosterone Cypionate is a synthetic version of the male sex hormone testosterone. This substance was first produced in 1951 when it was referred to as Depo-Testosterone. The compound was also sold under different names including Durandro, Depovirin, and Duratest.

Back then, this compound was used for different medical purposes that included the treatment of low testosterone, osteoporosis, low bone density, severe menstrual bleeding, and muscular atrophy. This went on for some years, but as better drugs for treating these conditions were being developed, the medical sector slowly stopped using Testosterone Cypionate.

Once injected into your system, your body will detect this substance as testosterone, and hence it yields the effects similar to the natural hormone. The problem, however, is that the synthetic nature of the compound also makes it dangerous to your body. This is an issue shared by all anabolic androgenic steroids, and that’s why they remain illegal in most countries.

If you are well versed with the steroids market or testosterone replacement therapy, then you know that there are various other kinds of steroids similar to testosterone cypionate. These come under different names such as testosterone enanthate and testosterone propionate. All of these compounds work to achieve the same goal, but the difference comes in on how they are structured. This is because the synthetic testosterone in each of these compounds is attached to different esters and these are the ones referred to as cypionate, enanthate, and propionate.

The ester used directly determines how long the testosterone will last in your system and how frequently it will be released. This is where Testosterone Cypionate gets the upper hand over its counterparts. The ester used here gives the substance quite a long half-life which makes it suitable for a lot of people both in TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) and in the bodybuilding industry. Testosterone Cypionate is capable of remaining active in your system for up to 20 days. With such a long half-life, low testosterone patients and bodybuilders no longer have to endure an injection every other day as is common with most other anabolic steroids. You should, however, note that since bodybuilders want to keep t-levels as high as possible to maximize muscle gain, they may have to make the injections more frequently.

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Benefits of Using Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is very popular in the fitness industry. This substance is a favorite to a lot of people simply because it delivers excellent results within a short period. The fact that it also has a long half-life makes it very convenient to both newbies and advanced bodybuilders.

Some of the results that you can expect from using this substance include:

  1. Quick and enormous muscle gains – Without a powerful compound, gaining muscles becomes very difficult. This is because your body is designed to grow just enough muscles for your basic functions. You could, therefore, hit the gym several hours a day throughout the year and you will still hit a plateau and never go beyond it. This can be very frustrating. Testosterone Cypionate is formulated to stimulate your body into going beyond its typical limits to give you massive gains in a much shorter time. This is because the steroid increases nitrogen retention which is crucial for muscle growth. With more nitrogen, your muscles get to grow more at a faster rate.
  2. Increased stamina – Testosterone Cypionate is also engineered to increase red blood cell count. These vital cells with increasing the supply of oxygen to your muscle tissues and across the rest of your body. The oxygen will be very essential for muscle growth and to enhance both stamina and recovery. The more the oxygen your muscles receive the longer they can sustain intensive exercises. When you are tired, the optimal supply of oxygen will also help your muscle tissues to recover a lot faster.
  3. Enhanced muscle repair – Testosterone Cypionate increases satellite cell function and this helps in repairing damaged cells. This ensures that your muscle tissues remain healthy and working optimally thus keeping you safe from frequent injuries and other issues.
  4. Promotes fat loss – This steroid has anti-estrogen properties that are very helpful for everyone looking to shred some fat. Bodybuilders include this steroid in their stacks during cutting cycles where it helps to deliver excellent results while making sure that all your muscle gains remain intact.

What are the Side Effects of Using Testosterone Cypionate?

Powerful compounds such as Testosterone Cypionate do not come without adverse reactions. The steroid vendors in the black market will always try to fool you into thinking that a particular steroid is safe but don’t fall for them. No anabolic steroid is ever 100% safe.

But before we even get down into discussing the side effects of Testosterone Cypionate, the first crucial task is to tell our readers how dangerous the black market is. These steroids are illegal, and hence the only place you can get them (without a prescription) is from this market. Remember that those underground labs are never controlled, and thus you will never know what exactly it is that you are using. For all, you know you could be injecting yourself with some heroin or other useless or harmful compound. This is why a lot of people usually prefer looking for other legal alternatives where at least they are sure of what exactly is in the products they are consuming.

Even if you manage to get a pure steroid, there is still a danger of adverse reactions. Some of the effects linked to Testosterone Cypionate include:

  • Hair loss
  • Gynecomastia
  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Acne breakout
  • Suppression of natural testosterone

Do I need to go through PCT after using Testosterone Cypionate?

Yes, you do. When dealing with anabolic steroids, post cycle therapy is very crucial. From the side effects above, we have pointed out that the steroid suppresses the production of natural testosterone. This may not sound like such a big deal because after all the steroid supplies you with the hormone but what you might fail to understand is that once you stop taking the steroid, your body will be incapable of making its own testosterone. This brings you back to the issues of low testosterone, and the worst part is that your body may never recover. That’s why some people end up getting addicted to steroids because when they are off the drug all their t-levels dwindle and all the gains they had started disappearing.

This is why PCT is very essential. It helps to ensure that your body can still make the hormone. It will also allow your body organs and tissues to take a break and regain normal functions thus reducing the risk of escalated adverse reactions.

How to take Testosterone Cypionate?

For everyone who is using this steroid for performance enhancement, a dose of between 100 to 200 mg per week will suffice. The exact amount you use will depend on your tolerance and the results you are hoping to achieve. Most bodybuilders break this dosage into bits and use it three times per week. This can be helpful as it maintains high levels of the substance in your body throughout the week making the results even better.

Final Thoughts

Testosterone Cypionate is a powerful substance that will deliver remarkable results in no time. No one can debate that. The thing is we can’t turn a blind eye on its adverse reactions. We also cannot run away from the fact that it is illegal and to most people, the black market is the last place they’d want to get injectable substances from. As you can see natural legal alternatives are a much better option than these compounds.

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