S23 SARMS Reviewed: The Ultimate Guide

A brief summary of S23

For those interested in burning fat, while simultaneously amassing impressive lean gains, S23 is going to be very compelling indeed. This is another SARM that comes to us from the company known as GTX Labs. While the drug is still considered to be in the trial stage, it has nonetheless built up an impressive reputation for not only producing results but for reducing these results quickly. The compound furthers its appeal by also promising to do all of this without any side effects. For someone new to the world of bodybuilding, or for those who simply want to enhance their athletic performance, this can be extremely encouraging.

To that end, the challenge on your end is to cut through the hype, and determine whether or not the benefits of S23 are legitimate. Also known as S-23, there is no question that this drug has become extremely popular over a short period of time. While there does not appear to be any short-term side effects, this doesn’t necessarily close the matter. For anyone who considers taking S-23, or any other examples of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, there are several factors about the drug that should be weighed carefully. This includes not only the pros and cons but the proper doses and cycles, as well.


Like a lot of SARMs, S23 was developed with other initial purposes. These purposes are still being explored. At the same time, the drug has become quite popular with bodybuilders, athletes, and similar individuals. Developed by the renowned company GTX Labs a few years ago, the compound was originally created with an eye towards making it the first male contraceptive readily available to the commercial world. While this can obviously still happen, it is unlikely that bodybuilders and others are going to stop using it for their own purposes anytime soon.

In other words, S23 was originally developed as a means of suppressing sperm. At the same time, like many SARMs, it can also have a potentially positive impact on bone, muscle, and even your overall energy levels.

The history of a drug like S23 can reveal a great deal. For example, it can obviously point us in the direction of any side effects we should be aware of.


If you already know the basics of SARMs, then it won’t surprise you to learn that there are some pretty impressive benefits to take away from this compound. It is currently considered to be one of the most potent SARMs in the world, particularly when it comes to the muscle-building/fat-burning benefits that we have already mentioned.

These benefits are certainly worth exploring in greater detail. Keep in mind that SARMs are generally so effective because they bind uniquely and beneficially to your androgen receptors. When this occurs, a number of impressive advantages follow.

You can start with the fact that S-23 has been shown to build impressive muscle while simultaneously reducing your fat. In this sense, SARMs are very similar to the results one would expect from steroids. However, these two categories differ significantly on the side effects issue. Even SARMs with noted side effects tend to have these with far less severity and/or frequency than what you would find with steroids. This fact unto itself can certainly be appreciated as a benefit. Being able to burn fat and build muscle at the same time has been shown to be the best possible way to craft a body along the lines of your own personal ideal. As it works on these two levels, S-23 has also been shown to improve the overall bone strength of those who use it.

At the same time, there are also some rather intriguing additional benefits. For example, S23 is technically being explored as a form of male birth control. While it is not suggested that S23 be relied on in this fashion, it is still something that is worth keeping in mind. There are also sexual benefits for women who are experiencing diminished libido due to age. Studies are currently showing that S23 can potentially improve a woman’s sex drive in profound fashion.

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Side Effects

What are the side effects of S23? On this particular issue, there are a few different things you will need to keep in mind. S23 side effects are in fact a bit different from the side effects of SARMs in general. This is largely tied to some of the unique benefits we just mentioned, owing to why the drug was created in the first place. While many argue that the side effects are still well beneath what you would likely get from steroids, these are still side effects that you need to keep in mind.

For example, there is the potential for testosterone shut down. This is one of the reasons why some users call S23 the most steroid-like SARM on the market. Some have experienced testosterone depletion to the point of having to turn to replacement therapy to offset this issue. It is also worth noting that this side effect disappears at the end of the cycle. This should also be kept in mind, should your testicles experience any sort of shrinkage. Both side effects seem to end when the cycle concludes. The same can also be said for the presence of darker urine, which occasionally appears while taking the drug.

Because of its similarities to the side effects of steroids, you should also be on the lookout for an increase in your anger levels. It is even suggested that those with anger issues should avoid taking the drug altogether.

Doses And Cycles

One of the slightly frustrating elements with S-23 is the recommended dosage. When it comes to S23 doses, we are talking about one of the widest ranges to be found anywhere. Users are currently this SARM in doses starting at 0.5mg, which goes all the way up to 50mg with more dedicated users. The amount a beginner should take is going to depend on two things. It will depend on how your body responds, but it will also depend on your ideal results.

A cycle typically lasts for eight weeks. Because of the 12-hour shelf life, it is suggested you break your chosen dose in two each day of the cycle.

How To Stack With Other SARMs

Bodybuilders, in particular, tend to prefer using S23 during the final twelve weeks of their larger cycle. This tends to heighten the aesthetic benefits of the drug. Many users of S23 prefer to stack the compound with either Andarine or LGD-4033.

Some also suggest stacking S23 with MK677 or GW501516. Doing so seems to create a collaborative relationship between the drugs, which in turn can lead to stronger, harder gains.


It is easy to see why this compound has become so popular with athletes and bodybuilders. When used correctly, and in conjunction with certain drugs, the results can be overwhelmingly positive. It also makes sense to have a certain measure of caution with regards to the side effects. When taking any SARMs, including S23, it is extremely important to listen to everything your body tells you. This includes adverse or negative reactions. You shouldn’t encounter anything too bad with this supplement, particularly since most of the side effects disappear after a cycle, but you still want to be on the lookout for anything that might cause problems.

At this particular moment in time, there is no question that S23 is a compound with a lot to offer. If you are serious about combining form and function with your body, it is at least worth a look.

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