Kraken Kratom Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s of this kratom supplier

An introduction to Kraken Kratom

If it feels like there are an almost unlimited amount of options to pick and choose from when it comes to buying kratom online today – and that it feels more than a little bit overwhelming at times – know that you aren’t alone.

On top of that, every single kratom vendor (good or bad) promises that they are the best in the business through their marketing and advertising. All of them say they have the best products, the best prices, and the best customer service and support, including kratom vendors that you probably shouldn’t trust with your personal information or your credit card details, either.

Sifting through these choices on your own can feel like a bit of an uphill battle, but that’s why we’ve put together this quick review.

Below we really dig into everything that Kraken Kratom has to offer so that you know exactly what you are getting into – the good, the bad and the indifferent. By the time you’re done with the inside information in this quick review, you’ll know exactly whether or not this is the kind of company you should be purchasing kratom from going forward.

General Overview

A relative newcomer to the world of online kratom vendors (having only established itself in 2015), last five years have seen Kraken Kratom grow by leaps and bounds.

Starting off initially as a bit of a niche kratom vendor (named after a legendary monster that appears in Greek mythology), it didn’t take long for this company to start building up a serious customer base and a lot of really passionate fans – fans that have helped this company shoot to the top of the industry in record time.

A lot more professional than many of the other kratom vendors out there and anything but a fly-by-night kind of business, there’s just a real sense of legitimacy and credibility when you’re ordering from Kraken Kratom.

The online shopping experience is top-tier (something we dive a little deeper into in just a moment), the prices are fantastic – both retail and wholesale – and the product catalog that they have is rock solid, too.

We have absolutely no trouble whatsoever calling this one of the best kratom vendors in the business today.

If you’re serious about getting your hands on the high-quality product at very fair prices and want to be treated well from start to finish, Kraken Kratom is the kind of company you’ll want to do business with from here on out.

Online Shop Experience

As we highlighted just a second ago, the online shopping experience with Kraken Kratom is second to none.

The very first moment that you jump on their website you are going to be presented with a very professional appearance from top to bottom. This is a modern website, with modern design, and with modern features that help make navigating the online shop pretty straightforward.

Sure, everything is covered with the Kraken Kratom logo but that’s to be expected in an industry like this where branding is absolutely everything. On top of that, the Kraken Kratom logo is super clean and well-designed, with it really adding to the overall professionalism and aesthetics of this company.

Back to the website, though.

The entire website is built on top of responsive web design standards (modern responsive web design standards, at that).

This means it is going to scale depending on the type of device that you are visiting it from, helping the overall shopping experience to be consistent and enjoyable regardless of whether or not you’re visiting from a tiny smartphone or are shopping on a gigantic widescreen monitor.

Everything is well labeled, impeccably organized, and has a lot of detail about the kratom products that you are thinking about purchasing. There are other sites that really go bare-bones in this department – especially when it comes to kratom product descriptions – but that isn’t ever going to be a problem with Kraken Kratom.

Truth be told, you’re going to find the online shopping experience with Kraken Kratom to be close to the same online shopping experience you have with other major brands and e-commerce companies.

No, that’s not to suggest that this website is as well-designed and easy to use as something like Amazon or eBay – but it’s not that far off, either.

All in all, Kraken Kratom gets five stars in this department.

Product Selection

The other thing that really knocked our socks off when it came time to review Kraken Kratom was the sheer volume of different kratom options they make available.

Not only are you going to be able to pick through more than a dozen different strains of kratom (red, green, and white vein kratom at that) but you are also going to be able to pick a variety of different delivery mechanisms that range from bulk powders to kratom capsules, extract, and tea – and that only barely begins to scratch the surface of what you’ll find here.

Over the last five years, Kraken Kratom has started to expand its base of operations and its product catalog into other health and wellness solutions. You’ll find everything from kratom to Kava from this online vendor, giving you a chance to stock up on all of your favorite herbal products in a one-stop-shop kind of set up.

The kratom that they do source comes from a variety of different locales around Southeast Asia. You’ll find kratom from Bali, Indonesia, Vietnam, and more available from this vendor – including a whole host of strains that you simply aren’t going to able to find anywhere else.

Kratom Quality

Of course, having all the kratom options in the world isn’t going to mean much if the actual quality of that kratom is terrible.

That won’t be a problem at Kraken Kratom, either.

Working closely with kratom harvesters, farmers, and cultivars throughout Southeast Asia they are able to deliver some of the best kratoms you are going to find anywhere in the business today.

Best of all, you don’t just have to take Kraken Kratom at their word for it, either.

This vendor provides independent laboratory testing and quality control details on every single batch of every single product that they sell, kratom or otherwise. They have full transparency regarding the potency, the purity, and the alkaloid content of the kratom products they offer, with Certificate of Analysis included on every order, too.

This kind of transparency is something that a lot of other vendors brag about but only a handful actually delivers on. And when it comes to total transparency and real honesty from top to bottom, only Kraken Kratom knocks it out of the park this well.

Of course, all of the independent reviews out there regarding Kraken Kratom are glowingly positive when it comes to the quality of kratom from this company, too.

People post all the time that the kratom they order from this vendor is extremely potent and extremely pungent, with higher quality standards that are immediately recognizable as soon as you pop your package open and see what you have ordered.

This is game-changing stuff we are talking about here, the kind of high-quality kratom you’ll have a tough time finding anywhere else – aside from only the most legit vendors like Kraken Kratom.

It’s easy to see that Kraken Kratom is a vendor that takes your safety and your health seriously, never cutting or diluting their kratom products with filler agents but instead sending you completely pure and potent Kraken Kratom, maybe the best you’ve ever had!

Kratom Pricing

Now that we’ve really talked up the overall quality of the kratom you can buy from Kraken Kratom it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that the prices these vendor charges are astronomical.

This is just another area where Kraken Kratom is really going to surprise you.

Sure, they have a handful of exotic and rare kratom strains that are going to set you back a pretty penny. But the overwhelming majority of the kratom that they offer (nine times out of ten) is going to be very reasonably priced.

This will not be the least expensive kratom vendor that you ever come across, we can tell you that much for certain, but it also isn’t going to be the most expensive kratom vendor out there, either.

What you will want to know, though, is that the prices of the kratom that Kraken Kratom sells can fluctuate every now and again. Sometimes these prices jump quite a bit on a month-to-month basis, other times they flatline four months on end.

It’s a good idea to keep checking back to see what your favorite kratom is priced at with Kraken Kratom before you pull the trigger on a purchase.

Final Verdict

When you get right down to it, there are a lot of options on the market as far as kratom vendors are concerned – some head and shoulders better than others.

Kraken Kratom definitely falls into that category.

For the last five years this company has become one of the most popular vendors in the industry and for good reason. You definitely will not be disappointed with your purchase from Kraken Kratom, that’s for certain.

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