Boldenone Steroid: A Complete review of this muscle builder

What is Boldenone?

Anabolic-androgenic steroids have been used for many decades now. Though mostly they have been used in sports activities and by bodybuilders, even ordinary people these days have started using it. Hence, it would be interesting to know more about androgenic steroid based supplements in general. We also would be having a closer look at Boldenone because it is considered to be one of the popular and widely accepted androgenic anabolic steroids in the market today.

The good thing about Boldenone is that it is supposed to be a natural anabolic androgen steroid. It also is known by the name 1-deyhdrostesterone, Androsta 1, 4-dein-17 and other such names. We also need to bear in mind that this drug that we will be reviewing is not marketed as a pharmaceutical drug or steroid drug. There could be some variants such as boldenone undecylenate that may be used as a medicinal drug for various purposes. Before we get into a full review of Boldenone let us try and understand more about this from a general perspective before we get into the specifics.

Introduction to Boldenone

This is a supplement but at the same time, it would not be wrong to suggest that it also could qualify as a drug. It is basically administered through intramuscular injection. Another interesting thing about this supplement is that it comes with a half-life of fourteen days. The melting point of this steroid is 165-degree Centigrade. It is very similar to various other anabolic androgenic steroids that are available in the market today. It works by stimulating androgen receptors and also increases the retention rate of nitrogen. It also could bring down appetite and plays a big role in improving protein synthesis. It also could trigger the production of erythropoietin release from the kidneys. The steroid was initially developed for the purpose of treating androgen deficiency. We also need to keep in mind that this testosterone derivative is actually an androstane steroid. This is produced by the scent gland that is extracted from an aquatic beetle species known by the name Ilybius Fenestratus.

A Brief History

The product was developed over many years and decades. Subsequently, it was patented in 1949 by the Swiss multinational CIBA.  This led to a number of experiments with esters and it happened mostly in the fifties and the sixties. One such experiment was boldenone undecylenate. It was clinically tested under the generic name Parenabol and this happened in the sixties and seventies. However, Parenabol was discontinued and it was replaced by another product by the name Squibb. This was basically for the use of horses and it still continues to be used as a veterinary drug.

Let us now have a closer look at Boldenone and review this from various angles so that the readers and customers are better informed and are able to take a decision whether to use this product or not.

What is Special About Boldenone

This is basically a synthetic steroid and it is being widely used as an anabolic androgenic steroid. It is used by bodybuilders across the world for slow but steady gains during the training and development cycle. It is basically available in the form of yellow oil when it is in its raw state. It is used by different manufacturers depending on their formulas and the final product is then derived.

What Could Be The Benefits

This product is quite popular amongst bodybuilders and athletes. This is because this steroid supplement is known to improve and enhance the anabolism of our body. This could lead to the increased capability of the body when it comes to developing tissues. Further, the steroid also helps in keeping lean muscles intact. Further, it also has a wonderful record of boosting red blood cells. It could also help in inhibiting catabolism and could play a better role in improved protein synthesis. Though there are many such anabolic androgenic steroids in the market with the same functions, those who have used Boldenone have some good stories to talk about this supplement. It is therefore considered to be quite widely accepted and also is well known when compared to many other such supplements in the market.

The Half-Life Impressive

There is one more reason for the growing popularity of this supplement. It has got to do with its half-life. The steroid has a half-life of fourteen days. There are some variants that have a longer half-life. In other words, the steroid can leave behind traces in the body for several weeks and it also could be months in many cases. If you have used the steroid for long periods of time, it could leave traces for years. Hence, it would be better to use this steroid sparingly and that too for very short periods of time. It would be better to use the steroid during the beginning of a particular cycle and keep it restricted only to the early phases.


It comes with a standard dosage but we need to look at the standard dose carefully. It may or may not work all. The safe dosage is supposed to be 200 mg to 400 mg each week. There are many men who overshoot this safe dosage limit so that they can get better results. There are many people who are sensitive to steroids and for such people, it would be better to start cautiously. It would be ideal for them to get started with low or moderate dosage. They should then wait and have a look at the changes that the change may bring in to the body. It does have some moderate side effects. However, the good news is that the side effects are limited only for a few days and when the body starts getting accustomed to the steroid supplements, side effects also go away. The dosage should be increased gradually and caution should be exercised. Women especially should start at low doses and try and maintain an average of just 50 mg per week. The course should run for a period of twelve weeks both for men and women.

It Does Not Work Immediately

We also should keep in mind that the impact of the steroid does not happen immediately. Hence, it would be wrong to expect overnight results. Patience is the name of the game and men and women should wait at least for a few weeks and only then the change will become obvious. This is where the problem lies because many people start becoming impatient with Boldenone and they start discontinuing it. Many of them also start increasing the dosage and this is not a wise move to say the least. The best way forward is to restrict the dosage allow time for the steroid supplement to works steadily and slowly in the system. You also should closely monitor the supplement and the changes it is bringing it to your body. Once you are through with this initial period it would be then better to go for a review of the dosage. The dosage should be increased only if necessary because in most cases it should start delivering the results at the initial dosages. The waiting period or the gestation period should ideally be for a period of six weeks and only then they should make a change to the dosage. It would be wrong to infer that the low dosage is wrong or insufficient without giving the time that it required for Boldenone to work in the body and show its results.

It is Oil Soluble

We also should bear in mind that the supplement is oil soluble. It comes with a syrupy consistency. The hormone available in the drug gets separated by the enzymes present in the liver. This is done with the help of the ester chain. Subsequently, it starts interacting with various cells in the muscles and also with the androgen receptors. These androgen receptors are independent and do not have any direct bearing to a targeted DNA sequence. Finally, you also start seeing protein synthesis and that results in a serum response factor. This, in turn, is known to activate many genes and this finally leads to muscle growth. The supplement is capable of increasing lean muscle mass, and also leads to improvement in muscle mass, endurance and also could lead to red blood cell count.

Side Effects

Let us try and have a closer look at the side effects of Boldenone. It does have some minor to moderate side effects. These include acne, excessive hair growth, oily skin, deeper voice. There are some very rare side effects like fluid retention, jaundice, drop in good cholesterol levels and also excessive and uncontrolled hunger. The mild side effects should go away in a few days time. They happen naturally and no intervention is required. The serious side effects are very rare but they do call for medical intervention and supervision. Stopping the supplement consumption may not be sufficient and some treatment may be required to reverse the more serious side effects.

The Final Word

When we take into account the above factors and look at Boldenone from a total and new perspective, there are a few things that fall in place. It is a very effective anabolic androgenic steroid supplement. It has been around for many decades now and therefore it has stood the test of time and is proven. However, the dosage of the product has to be carefully monitored and should not be exceeded. It does have its gestation period as far as results are concerned.

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