We Tested the 3 Best SARMs For Weight Loss

How we rate the Best SARMs For Weight Loss

Selective androgen receptor modulators have several benefits, especially for those who have a regular workout routine. There are different types of SARMs and they do not have the same effects. A few SARMs are useful when bodybuilders are trying to bulk up. These supplements facilitate muscle growth and development. Some supplements lead to weight loss. These SARMs retain the healthy or lean mass and hence prevents loss of muscles and target the fats instead. Such supplements can help bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts during the cutting phase when they are trying to develop ripped muscles. These SARMs are beneficial for overweight and obese people to gain a healthy body mass index. It should be noted that SARMs work better when a user works out regularly, at least five days a week.

A few SARMs have multiple benefits. They can improve strength and endurance, play a role in muscle growth and development, also target fat and can speed up recovery following an injury or just fatigue. Some selective androgen receptor modulators can improve bone density and hence strengthen joints. As many as five popular SARMs are marketed to those who want to lose weight. These are Cardarine, Ligandrol, Ostarine, Andarine, and Stenabolic. In this guide, we shall talk about the three best SARMs for weight loss.


GW-501516 or Cardarine is a fat loss supplement. It increases metabolism and can prevent obesity. It also contributes to muscle growth and development. Cardarine is made and sold by GlaxoSmithKline. It is one of the most reputed pharmaceutical companies in the world. The compound was not developed as a weight loss supplement. It was developed to improve cardiovascular functions and overall heart health. Cardarine or GW501516 can burn fat, boost energy and endurance, helps the development of stronger muscles, causes sustainable weight loss and can support heart health. It is also known to have a remedial effect on inflammations.

Cardarine has an alternate brand name Endurobol. In addition to causing fat loss, the supplement can limit the oxidative stress on blood vessels. It reduced bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and fatty acids. It can prevent eating disorders and metabolic syndrome. The supplement can regulate insulin resistance in obese users. It helps the growth of fibers in tissues of muscles. The supplement can limit the buildup of plaque in arteries.

Cardarine has a few side effects. It can damage cells in the liver. The only way to avert such a side effect is to strictly abide by the recommended dose. It is also necessary to abide by the course. Prolonged use of the supplement should be avoided. The supplement can be used by women but not when pregnant or breastfeeding.

The recommended dose of Cardarine is 2.5mg per day for beginners. The dose can be increased up to 10mg daily. The recommended course is three months or less. Users should not start taking 10mg from the very first day. The dose should be gradually increased depending on the positive and negative effects experienced over the weeks. Cardarine can be stacked with other SARMs such as Andarine or Ostarine. Combining all three can have a potent effect but the dose should be regulated carefully.

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LGD-4033 or Ligandrol is considered by many to be the absolute best when it comes to weight loss. It is developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals. The company intended this supplement to be used by people who have muscle wasting syndrome. The supplement is used by many who have muscle atrophy. But it has become popular as a weight-loss supplement. Ligandrol helps with weight loss without reducing or leading to any net loss of lean mass or healthy muscles. This is a safer supplement for fat loss than Cardarine.

The most noteworthy of all benefits of Ligandrol is weight loss. But it achieves fat loss without causing some of the common side effects. The supplement does not cause bloating. It does not cause water retention. These are common experiences of people who take weight loss or fat loss supplements. Ligandrol can actually increase the consumption of available calories during exercise. It is one of the most extensively studied SARMs and hence there is enough evidence to substantiate the benefits.

Ligandrol is an oral supplement with twenty-four hours of half-life. The recommended dose is 5mg per day. Since the half-life is almost a full day, there is no need to split the dose into two. The recommended course is eight weeks. It is not necessary to take this supplement for longer than two months. The first dose should be 3mg or so and then users can increase it to 5mg. The maximum duration a user can take this supplement is twelve weeks. This too should be in rare cases where a user has to lose a lot of weight and one must have a workout routine. The supplement does not have any major side effects if the dosage and course recommendations are abided by. Ligandrol can be stacked with Testolone.

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SR9009 or Stenabolic was developed as a synthetic drug to regulate the circadian rhythm or biological clock. Its effects on anxiety, inflammation, endurance, cholesterol, and weight loss were observed during trials. Subsequently, it became a popular weight loss supplement. Stenabolic has several benefits. It can improve focus or concentration. It can boost energy. It stabilizes or improves the circadian rhythm which has an effect on metabolism, appetite, and sleep. These effects also play a role in weight loss. The supplement can increase the mitochondrial activity in muscles and burn fats in all parts of the body.

Stenabolic reduces the storage of fat and speeds up weight loss. It prevents the development of fatty tissues. Fats are targeted to produce energy and that is used by muscles, provided a user has a regular workout routine. Stenabolic can cause fat loss without diet or exercise but it will not be a sustainable weight management plan. Stenabolic has no effect on healthy muscles, as it does not lead to loss of lean mass. There are other benefits of Stenabolic. It can reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides. It improves stamina or endurance. It can regulate inflammations and prevent inflammatory responses in the lungs.

Stenabolic has no serious side effects. Overdosing should be strictly avoided. The recommended dose is up to 40mg daily. The initial dose should be 10mg and it must be gradually increased. It is not recommended to go from 10mg up to 40mg in a day or even a week. The increase should be from 10mg to 15mg or at the most 20mg. The supplement has a short half-life and hence it should be taken several times every day. Most users split the recommended daily dose into four or six parts for a day. 5mg of Stenabolic, four times a day, is a good start. This supplement can be stacked with Cardazol.

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These are the three best SARMs for weight loss. Other SARMs can also be used for fat loss, especially during the cutting phase. SARMs work well in isolation but they are more effective when stacked. The best results are achieved when complementing SARMs are stacked and there is a stringent fitness routine. SARMs for weight loss can be taken by obese people who may not be able to work out like fitness enthusiasts and those who are already accustomed to daily workouts. Those who are starting to work out can take it slow and gradually go for more intensive exercises. The dose of SARMs should be adjusted accordingly. At no point in time should any SARM be taken beyond its recommended course.

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