Andro 400: The Complete Bodybuilding Guide

Introduction to Andro 400

Testosterone is a very crucial hormone in a man’s life. This is the hormone that gives men most of their essential masculine traits including sex drive and muscle growth. Unfortunately, a man’s body isn’t designed to sustain the production of this hormone forever. As men approach their late 30s, the production of this hormone starts to go down drastically. The reduction in testosterone levels results in dozens of unpleasant effects including a decrease in muscle mass, an increase in fat, low libido among many others.

To avert this disaster, a lot of people are usually forced to use testosterone supplements. Andro 400 is marketed as one of such. Using these supplements is supposed to help men regain their manhood but not all of such products work. In our research, for instance, we came across a lot of reviews of Andro 400 users who were hugely disappointed in the supplement’s inability to live up to the hype. While in most cases user reviews are usually reliable enough to summarize everything you’d expect from an item, we decided to remain in the grey area and perform our own research before determining whether indeed the item is a waste of money as claimed by most of its users.

What is Andro 400 and how does it work?

Andro 400 is a dietary supplement produced by a company known as Natural Health Concepts. The item has been in the market for 15 years, and it is marketed as the number one testosterone booster in the market but is it really?

Natural Health Concepts then goes further to claim that the supplement is your ultimate solution if losing belly fat is your goal. Indeed, a boost in testosterone is useful if you want to lose body fat. This is because low testosterone levels alter the balance between this hormone and the female sex hormone known as estrogen. When testosterone levels go down, your body will have more estrogen, and this results in the accumulation of fat. The fat will be deposited in different sites including your belly, breast, chin, etc. So, yes increasing testosterone production will help to reduce the fat.

But here is the thing; promoting testosterone production is a lot more complicated than most people think. This can only be achieved by a spot on formula. Andro 400 contains only a single active ingredient known as Eurycoma Lingofolia or Tongkat Ali. Eurycoma Longifolia is an herb commonly found in Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian Countries. The herb has been used to boost libido for decades. But, is it really powerful enough to singlehandedly boost your testosterone production to the point of getting rid of belly fat?

The first problem you will encounter while trying to answer this question is the limited data on how much Tongkat Ali one needs to consume to achieve the desired effects. A few studies do hint to the possibility of the herb helping to stimulate testosterone production, but you can barely find reliable information on how much of it needs to be consumed. This is a severe problem because the entire thing will become useless unless you consume the right amounts required.

Another problem with the supplement is that we came across multiple studies that were actually claiming that Eurycoma longifolia has no effect whatsoever on testosterone levels. This contradicts the study by one Dr. Ismail Tambi cited on the official Andro 400 website. Here is the interesting thing; Natural Health Concepts do not provide the name of this study! Is it then fair to say that either the study isn’t reliable or perhaps it is nonexistent?

The fact that we don’t know how much of Eurycoma Longifolia one should consume and whether the herb is even t-booster, to begin with, puts the entire supplement on a weird spot. As far as we can tell, the possibility of the supplement working is pretty much 50-50. How many people who are desperate to lose belly fat or increase their testosterone levels are willing to place their hopes on such an item?

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Claimed Benefits of Using Andro 400

According to the manufacturer, Andro 400 will help with:

  • Reducing belly fat

As we had already mentioned, low testosterone levels alter the balance between it and estrogen. As the amounts of the female sex hormone estrogen increase, fat accumulation becomes a serious problem. A lot of the fat will be deposited in the mid-section.

Natural Health Concepts claim that the supplement will help to deal with this fat by restoring the optimal production of testosterone. Looking at the formula of the supplement and the science behind it, it is highly unlikely that this will happen.

  • Boosting energy

Low testosterone level is one of the main reasons why walking, running, climbing up the stairs and other physical activities become so difficult to undertake when you age. The lower the male sex hormone, the less the energy you’ll have. Restoring the levels helps to bring back all the youthful energy you need to leave a more active life.

Natural Health Concepts base this benefit from the belief that their supplement will help with promoting testosterone secretion.

  • Enhancing sex drive

Again this is a benefit that comes with an increase in testosterone. This explains why men’s sex lives are at their prime in their 20s when testosterone production is also at its peak. If Andro 400 can indeed boost testosterone production, sex drive will be the least of worries to its users.

Side Effects of Andro 400

Perhaps the only good thing that comes from the simple formula of Andro 400 is the safety that it brings. The supplement contains just one ingredient, and this reduces the risk of side effects significantly. The fact that it is also a natural formula makes it tolerable to more people.

Still, a few individuals have complained of issues such as nausea, insomnia, bloating, abdominal pain, dizziness, and diarrhea. Some of these side effects are probably as a result of exceeding the recommended dosage. It may also be your body reacting negatively to the supplement which means you have to stop taking it immediately.

If you take this supplement as directed, it’s highly likely that you will never have to deal with any adverse reaction.


Andro 400 contains 150mg of Eurycoma lingofolia. You are directed to take 2 pills every day. Since it is an all-natural supplement cycling, it isn’t very necessary. You can take short breaks every few months though.

How much does Andro 400 cost?

A single bottle of Andro 400 containing 60 pills goes for $34.95. You can subscribe to their monthly plan and pay just $29.95 for the same bottle. You can save even more by placing an order for three bottles. Buyers can also take advantage of the 90-day money back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the item’s performance.

Take note that Natural Health Concepts also have another item called Andro 400 max. This item is completely different from Andro 400. Each serving of Andro 400 max has more Eurycoma Longifolia than its smaller brother. It also contains more ingredients and costs more. According to the manufacturer, Andro 400 max is made for people over 40 years old while the Andro 400 is for everyone below 40 years.

Final Thoughts

It is highly unlikely that Andro 400 achieves everything the manufacturer claims it can. To lose belly fat and for enhanced performance, you need a lot more of testosterone than what this supplement can provide. It has just a single active ingredient, and there is no sufficient scientific evidence showing that Andro 400 is as effective as the manufacturer paints it out to be.

A few individuals have reported that they used it and saw some of the benefits though. You can, therefore, experiment on it and see how well it goes. It is a relatively safe supplement after all.

But if you are desperately looking for a potent t-booster, then Andro 400 is not your best option. The science behind its formula is just not convincing enough.

We don’t recommend Andro 400! Check the #1 Best-Selling Testosterone Booster in 2019

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