Anavar: The Strongest Steroid ever? The Complete Guide

What is Anavar?

Anavar is one of the best anabolic steroids when it comes to getting ripped and gaining those strong muscles. This particular AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroid) is quite popular in the fitness community, and this is not just due to its effectiveness; it is one of the few steroids that are available for oral administration. This saves you from having to endure regular injections as is common with most other anabolic steroids. Anavar is also preferred by most bodybuilders because it is mild and hence safer, unlike other steroids.

This doesn’t mean that it is completely safe though. Anavar still remains an AAS, and there is always a chance of experiencing severe side effects whenever you are dealing with these substances. The good news is that it has a low androgen rating of around 24. This basically means that the chances of experiencing adverse reactions such as gyno, baldness, and acne breakouts are very low. Individuals at a predisposed risk of these conditions are however at a higher risk of contracting them if they decide to use Anavar.

Its mild nature also means that it doesn’t work quite as fast as some of the other steroids. Yes, in the long run, you will increase your muscle mass, shred some fat and boost your strength but this will take quite some time. It is, therefore, not the best option when time is a crucial factor.

History of Anavar

Anavar or Oxandrolone was first introduced in the commercial market in 1964. The steroid was manufactured by a company known as G.D Searle. The initial intent of making this substance was to treat muscle wasting disorders. It was beneficial in ensuring that bedridden patients never lost their muscles.

Seeing how active the compound was in preventing muscle wasting and how anabolic it is, the fitness industry quickly picked up the drug. It became one of the most sought after performance enhancement drugs until 1980 when G.D Searle discontinued the production of the steroid due to the new regulations set by the FDA.

The ban on Anavar made the substance expensive to obtain, and the users now had more to worry about and not just the side effects. The majority of the Anavar available comes from underground laboratories, and this increases the chances of getting contaminated and harmful compounds. This is not just a problem in the US but also in most other countries across Europe and the rest of the world. The few countries that still permit its use do so under strict regulations, and unless you have a prescription from a licensed physician, you’ll never get your hands on the substance.

Benefits of Using Anavar

Anavar is illegal and unsafe, but it still remains relevant to date due to the following benefits:

  • Enhances fat loss

Anavar is an incredible steroid when it comes to cutting. In fact, Anavar will have a more significant impact when used for cutting than it would if you used it for bulking. The substance does indeed promote muscle growth to some extent, but it is not particularly powerful in that regard. When it comes to cutting, Anavar is among the best, and it will do so while ensuring that you don’t lose muscle mass in the process.

The steroid is formulated to stimulate your body’s metabolism. This promotes the breakdown and burning of calories. More stored fat will be burnt down while newly consumed carbs will be broken down and utilized by your body before they are converted and stored as fat.

With less fat in your body comes a more chiseled physique.

  • It boosts protein synthesis

Protein synthesis allows your body to create new protein cells replacing the damaged ones. Remember that protein is crucial for muscle growth and hence the more the protein your body can produce the better the muscle growth.

By boosting protein synthesis, Anavar not only promotes muscle growth but also enhances recovery. There will be sufficient proteins feeding the muscles thus facilitating faster recovery from intensive workouts.

  • Promotes nitrogen retention

For optimal muscle growth, you need to consume lots of nitrogen and ensure its levels remain pretty high throughout. This helps in creating an anabolic atmosphere that is ideal for faster muscle growth. Anavar is formulated to ensure that the nitrogen you are consuming is retained in the body for extended periods. This boosts efficiency while also promoting muscle growth and faster recovery.

  • Boosts Strength

As more calories are being burnt, your body receives more fuel helping you to exercise harder and for more extended periods. Strength levels will also increase due to the rise in nitrogen retention and protein production in your body. These two processes ensure that your muscles are constantly “fed” boosting both strength and endurance.

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What are the Side Effects of Using Anavar?

Anavar may be milder, but it still comes with a few risks that all users should be aware of. Some of these include:

  1. Testosterone Suppression – Using Anavar will reduce your body’s ability to produce its own testosterone. That’s why it is very crucial that all men watch the doses they are taking and the period of each cycle. The users will also have to go through PCT after each cycle of using Anavar. Failure to do so will result in testicular atrophy (shrinking of balls), loss of muscle mass, decreased energy, and reduced sex drive.
  2. An increase in LDL – LDL is considered as bad cholesterol. Studies have shown that using Anavar reduced HDL levels (good cholesterol) while increasing LDL (bad cholesterol). This exposes the user to various life-threatening conditions such as stroke and heart attack. Individuals with cholesterol issues should stay away from this steroid. Other users should also watch the doses they consume and monitor their response to the substance closely.
  3. High Blood Pressure – All anabolic steroids including Anavar come with the risk of hypertension. Some steroids are riskier than others, but even the safest steroids can still be dangerous especially if they overdose. What makes this an even bigger problem is the fact that high blood pressure can also escalate to other more severe medical complications such as stroke, heart attack, chronic kidney disease, peripheral vascular disease, loss of vision among others. Users must, therefore, be very keen when using this steroid. People already with high blood pressure problems are also better off staying away from Anavar and other anabolic steroids.
  4. Liver Damage – Anavar is an oral supplement, and this is bound to put some stress on the liver. The good news is that it is a mild steroid and hence its impact on your liver is likely to be much less as compared to other more aggressive steroids. However, using it in excess and for a long time will increase the risk of liver damage.
  5. Depression – Anavar will lower the levels of good cholesterol and interfere with various chemical processes in the body. This can lead to depression and mood changes.
  6. Hair Loss and Acne – The chances of experiencing hair loss and acne breakout are minimal since Anavar is not a very androgenic compound. Unfortunately, people who are genetically at risk of the condition will experience baldness much faster if they use Anavar.

How to use Anavar

The fact that Anavar is available in capsules makes it very convenient and friendly to use. The exact dosage you need will depend on various factors including your body weight, tolerance to the substance and medical history.

The recommended daily dosage of the steroid is between 20-80mgs. This delivers excellent cutting results while minimizing the risk of side effects. People who are using the steroid for bulking (I wouldn’t recommend that) will have to take higher doses of between 40 to 100mg per day. At no point should you exceed the 100mg per day mark.

A typical cycle of this steroid lasts for 6 weeks. Due to the risk of suppression, liver damage and other adverse effects, Anavar should never be taken for more than 8 weeks. If you want to avoid the side effects we recommend starting with these legal steroids.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I would use Anavar as a last resort. This is simply because there are much better and safer natural supplements out there that can deliver the same results without the risks. Needless to say that you will never have to worry about legality issues when dealing with natural supplements.

If you are going to give the steroid a shot, I would advise you to be cautious about where you get it, and on the doses, you will use. It will also be vital that you consult a physician before you start using it.

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