We Tested the 3 Best SARMs for Bulking

What are the Best SARMs for Bulking?

SARMs are used by bodybuilders and powerlifters for bulking. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts also use SARMs for different purposes including bulking. Selective androgen receptor modulators can boost the growth of muscles and contribute to their development. Every human being has a threshold for all physical attributes. The growth of muscles is not an exception. Exercise and diet will have amazing effects but the body will get accustomed to them. There comes a time when bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts will not be able to grow their muscles any further. This phase is a plateau when the shape or form and size, the strength and endurance of all major muscles remain unchanged. There may be dips in energy and endurance or some phases of workouts may be more intensive but the physical changes do not happen.

SARMs were originally developed for various purposes, one of which was to treat muscle atrophy or wasting syndrome. Over the decades, some of the SARMs have turned out to be more effective in preventing muscle atrophy. This is the principal reason why selective androgen receptor modulators are now being widely used for bulking. If loss of muscle or lean mass is prevented and there is an effect on growth and development, then complementing such a supplement with effective exercises and diets can boost bulking.

Our top 3 picks


Ostarine has alternate names including GTx-024, S-22, MK-2866, and enobosarm. The SARM is made by GTx, Inc. and sold as a supplement that can boost strength, agility, and endurance. GTx was not the first one to develop Ostarine. It was Merch & Company. They used the investigational drug as a potential remedy for osteoporosis. Ostarine or MK 2866 is one of the best-known SARMs and it is popular among users who want to bulk up. Ostarine is potent and it can also be of use during the cutting cycle. This supplement enhances muscular strength. This makes it easy to lift heavier weights. There is a positive effect on muscle endurance as well so one can work out for considerably longer periods of time. 

Ostarine is typically taken for six weeks. The longest course is eight weeks. The dietary supplement increases mass and strength. It improves bone density, thereby boosts skeletal strength. The supplement enhances the range of motion, both muscles, and joints. Ostarine can be stacked with other SARMs. For bulking, users may stack Ostarine with Ligandrol. Ibutamoren is also a worthwhile stack with Ostarine. Ibutamoren tends to boost growth hormone and this can play a significant role in further growth of muscles.

Ostarine can be used by males and females. There is no major side effect but mild sensations are not uncommon. A moderate headache is experienced by a few users. Keeping the dose in check is the best way to alleviate such mild side effects. The dose depends on the composition of the supplement. Since more than one brand makes this SARM, it is always better to refer to the recommendation of the manufacturer. This pertains to both dose and cycle.

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Andarine is another popular SARM. It is also manufactured by GTx, Inc. among other brands. Andarine is alternately known as GTx-007, S-4, S-40503, Acetamidoxolutamide, and Androxolutamide. This SARM is available in the form of pills. It was originally intended to be used in treatment for muscle wasting. Many people know about this SARM as S-4. Unless there is any major difference in the compositions, both Andarine and S-4 have similar effects. Andarine can increase tissue activity in bones and muscles. The latter effect is the main reason why Andarine is one of the three best SARMs for bulking.

Andarine enhances muscle mass. It improves bone density. The supplement can boost endurance and strength. It should be noted that Andarine is not among the most powerful of androgenic-anabolic steroids. This makes it a safer supplement. It is very little to no impact on hormones. Ostarine requires a post cycle therapy but Andarine does not necessitate it. The SARM helps bodybuilders to develop lean mass while it also targets excess fat. This leads to some weight loss through the burning of fat. Any weight loss experienced while taking this SARM should not alarm a bodybuilder or powerlifter.

There are no side effects of the SARM unless someone significantly exceeds the recommended dose. High doses of Andarine can cause hormonal imbalance. The dose should also be phased throughout the course. The recommended dose is 50mg per day. It can be increased to 75mg in a fortnight. The dose per day should not exceed 100mg. Users should start with a dose lower than 50mg. It is fine to start with 25mg per day. The daily dosage must be split evenly to be taken twice or thrice. Andarine can be stacked with Ostarine, Ligandrol or Testolone. All four or more than two of these should not be stacked at the same time for bulking.

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Testolone, also known as RAD140, is one of the three best SARMs for bulking. Many are calling it the most powerful selective androgen receptor modulator available today. The supplement is made by Radius Health. Testolone tends to have similar effects as steroids do but without the adverse reactions in the body. According to many who have tried this supplement, Testolone is much more potent than Ostarine and Ligandrol. But it can be stacked with Ligandrol or Ostarine for even better results.

Testolone improves the growth of lean mass. It enhances strength. It can also burn some fat during bulking, which is a pleasant effect. Many people are prone to bulking up with fat instead of lean mass. The latter is desirable. Testolone can help in such a quest. Testolone has one of the highest anabolic ratios and is hence among the most effective mass builders available in the market today. The SARM has a half-life of up to twenty hours. Taking it once a day is sufficient. The dose varies depending on the bodyweight of the person and the level of workout. Users should start with only 10mg per day. The dose can be increased up to 20mg per day in due course of time. Exceeding 20mg is really not necessary as it is a powerful SARM. The course or bulking cycle with this SARM should be six to eight weeks. Some users may want to stretch the course to ten weeks but any longer is not recommended.

Due to the high anabolic ratio and the potency of the supplement, it is best to not even try higher doses as there can be some side effects. The side effects may be serious given the potency of the SARM. When people stack, it is necessary to review the dose of each SARM being used so there is no major compounding negative effect.

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Ostarine, Andarine, and Testolone are 3 best SARMs for bulking. Ligandrol and Ibutamoren can be used for stacking. Any two of the 3 best SARMs for bulking can also be stacked but doses should be properly regulated. The cycle is also important. No SARM should be taken for longer than required. This is true for all the 3 best SARMs for bulking. The bulking cycle should be planned accordingly. It is best to start taking a SARM for bulking just before the cycle begins and one must stop taking it right when the phase ends or a few days earlier. It is not necessary to continue taking SARMs for bulking after the workout phase is over. These SARMs should have post cycle therapy.

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